Office – wear Etiquette for women by Benita Vira Sahani, Designer/Co-founder of Studio CASA 9

Cofounder of Studio CASA 9 Benita Vira SahaniIt’s always a challenge to dress for formal meetings that include an interview call, a professional or a corporate meeting.  Business attire is more of maintaining the perfect balance between professionalism and personal liking. Its style is tricky and confusing at times.  In India, formal wear consists of both Indian as well as western outfits. Business attire most of the times is a formal dress code that denotes a professional style of dress which makes one look smart and elegant. Here are some tips to choose the right kind of business attire for women:

Dress for success

Every woman should learn to dress for the success of her future in her chosen career. While one is competing in a business environment where many skills are important, knowing how to dress for any business occasion is one of the key essential skills. Well-dressed reflects your personality in a positive and confident way.

Dress per the personality

One has to tweak the dress code that is contradictory to your personality to look more confident. If you dress properly people treat you the way that you know your job well and you come out as a confident woman

Bold personality

First, understand your personality and dress accordingly. If you’re bold, extrovert and go-getter women you can try clothes that incorporate neutral colour tone more in the wardrobe. The neutral colours highlighted with one strong element which would be a piece of jewellery or accessories, stole, a neck piece, earrings, bags will make the look complete.

Shy personality

If you’re a shy or an introvert person you must try experimenting a bit with trendy cuts that looks good on your body type. Shy personality women must go for bolder colours so that people don’t take you for granted.

Styles and trends that enhance your personality

Understand what styles and trends will enhance your personality, your position and your designation under any given situation.

Size matters

Always check your size first and make sure you’re not wearing too tight or too loose clothes. A good fit dress with a perfect fit makes a very strong impression whether you choose western wear or Indian wear make sure it looks formal enough with the right type of makeup and accessories to enhance the look.

Dress as per your profession

Your profession also matters a lot when you plan your work wear shopping. If you’re a person who belongs to a creative background you should merge something that always makes you stand out in the crowd. And if you work for corporates then sober colours are considered good.

Indian or western

As per your comfort zone choose Indian wear like a formal Kurti or a saree. A well fitted Indian kurti and pant with a smart dupatta or stole look nice on Indian women. In western wear, it would be smart high waist trouser or anything that is trendy at that time or a skirt with a nicely tacked in blouse to go with it.

Friday dress code

Friday is a day for semi-formal where one can wear knee-length dresses that are easy to wear or denim paired up with a smart top and some accessories or maybe lenin wear that is a bit funky. Try to make it a fun friday and funkier.

Finally, what is important is to see that women working in a corporate sector need to dress in very crisp and formal attire. One must combine style, versatility and comfort to look the best and be the best in the office.

(The views expressed in this article are by Benita Vira Sahani, Designer/Co-founder of Studio CASA doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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