Winter Must-Haves from Club Factory

Winter is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to rock those fall fashion colors and indulge in some cute, cozy indoor activities with your loved ones and feel the magic of dropping temperature. To help you make the best of this season, we enlist some cool products from Club Factory that will make your winter a smooth sail.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

When in doubt, grab a Hoodie and you are good to rock the game. Gone are the days when hoodies were considered to be a college-people’s go-to outfit, it is now an acceptable fashion statement. Club factory offers a wide variety of hoodies and sweatshirts – from pullovers to zip ups, oversized to slim-fit and many more. Pick a color and you will find your style.

Sports Gears & Supports

Winters should not be an excuse to put your workout on hold, stick to the mantra of Stretch, Cardio and Repeat. Put your best foot forward with Club factory Sports and Fitness range which offers a variety of sports accessories and supports.


Fall Fashion season comes with an excitement of getting those perfect pair of boots, which can really transform an outfit from top to bottom. So ladies, shop your heart out with a wide array of Boots ranging from below ankle boots to calf length boots to PU Boots and so much more at a jaw dropping price starting from Rs 400as ‘Winter is Coming’.


The season comes with a switch from sandals to boots and also brings along thrills of change in skincare products to get through this chilly period. Do not worry, Club factory has put up on offer a wide range of skin serums, face masks and exciting face scrubs. Channelize your inner diva and get a soft supple glow this winter.


Winter comes as an opportunity to spend quality time with family indoors, and what’s better than baking some hot sweet and savory food for them. So, stick to the mantra of ‘Relax, Snuggle and Bake’. Club Factory will make your experience hassle free with cool piping bags, stencils and moulds, trimmer tools and much more.

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