WeddingWire India: Celebrating #WeddingSheroes on the Occasion of International Women’s Day

Dream weddings are made in heaven, but there is a lot more meticulous planning and effort that goes into it than meets the eye. For the grand scale that Indian weddings are usually at, couples begin to plan at least six months in advance to ensure that all necessary vendors and venues are booked ahead of time to avoid last-minute confusion and panic.

When planning for your big day, it’s vital to choose the right partners to help you achieve your milestone in a way that you have envisioned… And that’s exactly what these women business owners strive to achieve. From WeddingWire India’s vast directory of vendors, couples can choose their preferred vendors and seek help from a large community for guidance and inspiration for their special day.

To celebrate and honour these women on International Women’s Day, here’s looking at a few #WeddingSheroes from the Indian wedding industry to talk about their passion for creating a magical evening for couples and how they have carved a niche for themselves in the industry.

  • Ambika Gupta, Founder, The A-Cube Project

“It is an absolute privilege to be a woman in leadership in the wedding industry because we have the tendency to multi-task. We are warm, affectionate and we understand emotions. I have never faced a bias in the industry, in fact, a lot of things about weddings come naturally to women, so it’s a great space to be in.”

  • Ojas Rajani, Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist

“The word ‘success’ can have so many definitions. Your success mantra could be being loved and celebrated, or when you are accommodating and giving. It is not about your business being big or small, but about achieving a lot with your calibre without any one’s favours.”

  • Kamna Arora, YSDC Wedding Choreography

“So many women are taking up leadership roles in the wedding industry and they are doing wonders, be it planners, decorators or choreographers. I think you just have to be confident and know how to voice your opinions openly. You can’t shy away from making your voice heard even if you are in a room full of 100 men. Wedding industry or not, man or woman, we are all doing our jobs and it is all supposed to be the same.”

  • Soniya Demble, Photographer

“Being a leader is challenging, be it a man or a woman. But being a young businesswoman in a male-dominated world comes with an added challenge. In my day to day work, I deal with cinematographers, editors and some of them have decades of experience. Instead of being intimidated by this experience, I try to learn from them and at the same time, add the freshness of my thoughts and understanding of my clients, which I believe that’s the strength of my working style – to be able to apply my ideas to the expertise of my team.”

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