7up launches “Think Fresh” summer mantra

This summer, 7UP, the refreshing clear drink with Natural Lemon flavor is all set to encourage India’s youth to look at everyday curve ball situations through a lens of fun and lightheartedness. The brand today launched yet another quirky, playful TVC reiterating its ‘Think Fresh’ philosophy. The TVC, which features 7UP’s lovable, curly-haired mascot Fido Dido, celebrates today’s youth and their ingenious spirit to not be bowled over by googlies.

The TVC opens with our hero and his crush exchanging stolen glances until their moment is suddenly interrupted by loud and peppy music from the adjacent house. Our hero’s love interest is distracted by the muscular guy next door. This distracts the girl, who now shifts her attention to the muscular guy who has appeared on the adjacent balcony. The hero is left disappointed. Quick thinking Fido Dido with his 7UP bottle comes to his rescue and inspires him to think fresh to set up a makeshift see-saw which turns up the situation to his advantage.

Speaking about the new campaign, Naseeb Puri, Marketing Director, Flavors (7UP and Mirinda), PepsiCo India, said, “Life is a series of many curveballs but taking these googlies head-on, and flipping them to one’s advantage with wit and fresh thinking is what determines who wins at the end. This is exactly what 7UP’s philosophy is all about, – inspiring youth to ‘Think Fresh” & use their wit to effortlessly tackle challenging situations. 7UP has always created content that has resonated strongly with the youth and we believe this new TVC is no exception. It is a fun campaign, and we are confident that people will enjoy Fido’s and our hero’s fresh thinking and be encouraged to approach life with an upbeat attitude.”

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