The MONOPOLY SUPER ELECTRONIC BANKING board game features an all in one electronic banking unit, and amps up the excitement with unique rewards! The all-in-one banking unit with tap technology makes gameplay faster than the classic Monopoly game. There is no paper money in this game — the cards and banking unit track each player’s cash. Each token in the Monopoly Super Electronic Banking board game has a matching bank card that offers a unique reward by performing a certain action: roll a certain number, land on a certain space, or purchase a particular property. That’s how you earn rewards!

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Land on a Forced Trade space? Choose any property and immediately trade it for your choice of any other player’s property. Instead of purchasing railroads in this edition of the Monopoly game, players can also choose to fly to any property on the board and force another player into trading one of their coveted properties.

It’s an exciting game as players buy properties, collect rent — and get rewarded for it! The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

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