ASUS Coins ‘Battery Low Battery Lo!’ Mantra for Smartphone Users Haunted by Poor Battery Performance

ASUS India has launched a new digital video that proposes a novel solution for the battery woes of today’s smartphone users. Engaging consumers with the mantra – ‘Battery Low? Battery Lo,’ the vox-pop style video reiterates the relevance of long battery life and power bank feature of its recently-launched ZenFone Max smartphone.

Owing to the multitude of mobile apps that have become a part of people’s daily lives and their always-online lifestyle, fast draining battery life has emerged as a major pain point for most smartphone owners. ‘Battery Critically Low’ have become the three most annoying set of words for anyone dependent on their smartphone to work, play or stay connected.

With the ZenFone Max, ASUS aims to target the large number of people who consider the battery life to be a deciding factor when purchasing a smartphone. The vox-pop video addresses this by offering the perfect response every time someone yells out “battery low!” ‘Battery Low? Battery Lo’ highlights low battery troubles in a humorous way, but also tells people to lend a helping hand by sharing their ZenFone Max to charge the phone of someone in urgent need of battery power.

The video begins with a survey of youngsters in Mumbai who talk about their worst ‘zero battery’ nightmares – from a teenager grounded by his upset mother, a worried couple who fear their daughter has been kidnapped, to an untimely battery issue leading to a break-up. The variety of disappointments keep mounting up, as a young girl tells her boyfriend to “buy” her a new phone instead of complaining about her smartphone’s constantly low battery. The youngsters are then asked which smartphone brand and model they own and how long the battery lasts. The question throws up a volley of feedback ranging from poor battery life that doesn’t even last from “Bandra to Churchgate,” or can’t survive more than an hour of gaming. The youngsters are then given a ZenFone Max and asked to guess its battery life. The video captures their surprised reactions when it is revealed that it offers a 5000 mAh battery at an affordable price point of INR 10,000.

ASUS goes on to ask the youngsters to connect their current smartphone with the ZenFone Max. As their gadgets start charging up, a universal antidote for their low battery nightmares makes itself obvious – ‘Battery Low? Battery Lo…’ Therefore ASUS urges them to help a friend in need of power while also putting an end to their own low battery woes by owing a ZenFone Max, building a strong product association in the process.

Marcel Campos, Marketing Director – Mobile Division, India said, “The video succeeds in highlighting the most common issue faced by a smartphone user today and also offers a solution to their woes. The execution of the video makes it realistic, hence, relatable, while adding a dash of humour to amplify the impact. The campaign successfully communicates our brand message of providing luxury and reliability at an affordable price.”

The ASUS ZenFone Max is the first smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery to hit the Indian market. Its enormous battery enables it to deliver up to 38 days of standby time and 1.5 times longer talk time over a 3G network, a feature unique to the ZenFone Max in today’s cluttered market. In addition to this, what really sets the ZenFone Max apart from others in the category is that it can be used as a portable power bank to charge other smartphones and a host of personal electronic devices, using an OTG cable that comes as a standard accessory with the phone.

The film has been conceptualized and executed by ASUS’s digital agency BC Web Wise. Alongside the film’s release on ASUS’s Facebook channel, the brand is also running a #BatteryLowBatteryLo Sob Stories contest on Facebook and Twitter.

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