Phixman Solves the Problem of Selling Old Phones in a minute for All Its Customers at Their Offline Stores

In today’s scenario we all have a charm of unveiling new surprises in the form of new phones but somehow we have to control this enticement as we are already using an old phone, we get worried about selling our old phone in maximum price and also about the formalities required. The very thought about the inconvenience of selling your old mobile and the hassle of getting money from that sale is a huge let down and voids several tech savvy’s from trying out newer, better software’s in smartphones. Phixman has solved this problem for all its customers at their offline stores across India, all their customers can now sell their old phones in just one minute.

There is a huge market gap between old and new mobiles in India, and mobile users end up selling their old mobiles in the black market, which is largely unorganized, without any protocols or system and they also increase chances of theft of important data or misuse of phones as those buyers are unorganized. In case of using online classifieds, the seller need to meet multiple buyers across different locations, haggle over the price, and face huge inconvenience to get their money. Infact, there is no price guarantee as well. Phixman lay’s a genuine and recognized platform to all its customers to keep them safe from the smuggling industry of old mobile phones.

The old phone, however, may still be a very capable device and can be used by someone else. Phixman completes this process by first buying the mobile phone and carrying out any small repairs that may be needed. The old phones are then sold across India to customers looking to buy a second-hand phone or to businesses that give out phones to their employees. Generally, customers have to wait for a long time and complete formalities to sell their gadgets but at Phixman old phones can be sold only in sixty seconds with all convenience given to its customers.

Shaad Rehman, Founder and CEO of Phixman said, ‘We all are looking for latest phones with latest technology and latest software these days but the problem arises when we don’t know how to get rid of our old ones. I thought to give all my customers a platform where they can easily sell their old phones with least formalities and also at a very good price. As per the other side of the coin is concerned, we can sell of these phones to people who have a need of a smart phone but cannot afford it. I think we will succeed in providing all our customers very accessible buy back facility.’

Phixman which is a pioneer in mobile and gadget repairing, has more then 50 stores PAN India and is also into selling of refurbished phones in collaboration with Detel and Pre-Loved Devices. A new service of door step has also being initiated by Phixman and now have entered into providing buy back of gadgets in order to fill hands of everyone with a smart gadget very conveniently.

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