5 summer self-care hacks you wish you knew sooner

Summer is round the corner, and whether you experience dry or humid summers, it still comes with a set of challenges. Having said that, summer is also an excellent time to soak in some Vitamin D and get in shape again. While the heat can be overwhelming, especially for those living in areas that experience soaring temperatures, there are ways to ensure your fitter and brighter than ever. We have made it simpler for you by putting together 5 summer self-care tips that will help you make the most of the season.

Stay hydrated at all times: The greatest way to combat the summer heat is to stay hydrated. With the summer heat, you’ll surely sweat a lot. You might get dehydrated, so drink up. Always keep a bottle of water with you. An average individual must drink at least 2 litres of water each day, but during the summers, you need to drink a lot more as there is continuous water loss. Avoid plastic usage and carry a bottle with you when on-the-go. 

Storing fresh fruit juices in the refrigerator: Juices are extremely refreshing as they assist in quenching our thirst and help us keep our body temperatures cool. Fresh fruit juices prepared from watermelon and lemon prove to contain a lot of beneficial nutrients, such as Vitamin C, which helps overcoming dehydration. Using the right refrigerator also impacts maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The Bosch Max Flex refrigerator comes with a crafted Crisper Box with Vita Fresh Technology that helps to retain the same taste, texture and aroma of the fruit and vegetables for 10 days ensuring that you always have a bite of freshness ready when you need it.

Get sun protection: Sun rays are fierce in summer than they are in any other season, hence shield your skin from the sun. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher as they help in blocking 97% of the sun’s UVB rays.  Don’t forget your lip balm and sunnies, too!

Choose your summer wardrobe with care: Draping dark-coloured clothes in summer is not preferable as heat is already present in the atmosphere and dark colours tend to absorb more heat as compared to light clothes. During summers it is recommended to wear linen material or light / pastel colours as these colours reflect the heat outwards keeping the body cool and comfortable throughout the scorching day.

Stay Eco-cool: Having lots of plants in your living space can bring the temperature of that place low by considerable degrees. They help you beat the heat wave in a most natural and economical ways possible and sometimes can also help maintain temperatures in your space if placement and procurement of plants is planned properly. Thus, it is the most eco-friendly way to stay cool in your homes by tinting the windows with plants.

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