HopeQure launches Employee Mental Health Wellness Program

HopeQure – one of the most trusted and HIPAA certified online counseling platforms for mental health in India has recently announced the launch of a fully automated Online Corporate Employee Mental Wellness Program. The exclusive Employee Assistance Program helps the employees to adopt healthy work practices by offering a comprehensive solution to support them through their work-life challenges.

Corporates across the globe are heavily dependent on employees’ performance. According to the estimates, the low productivity of employees inflicted by mental health issues – mainly due to depression and anxiety cost an average loss of USD 1 Trillion annually to the global economy. HopeQure helps in evaluating the impact on productivity due to the mental health issues and provides an easily accessible and confidential platform for improving the Mental Wellness of corporate employees.

The Employee Assistance program caters to the specific needs of the employees and supports them for Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), Shift-work Lifestyle Management, Healthy Maternity, Diet, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, post-retirement preparation, and other wellness services that help in improving their mental health and productivity.

Discussing the benefits of the program for employers, Mr. Vivek Sagar, Founder & CEO, HopeQure, said, “The wellbeing of employees is crucial for business performance as poor mental health can lead to high attrition & absenteeism. We at HopeQure.com are determined to help organizations to become more efficient and productive by improving the mental health of their employees. Thus, we have designed a fully automated HIPAA compliant program that provides the corporates with the best mental health support for their employees at an affordable cost.”

The pandemic led to closure and slowdown resulted in the emotional, mental, and financial wellbeing of employees. With salary cuts and massive layoffs, the employees experienced elevated levels of anxiety and depression. Considering the present scenario, the Employee Assistance Program promotes healthy work culture, addresses high attrition rates, resolves inter & intra team conflicts, improves workforce efficiency, thereby minimizing direct and indirect costs due to mental health problems.

The Employee Assistance Program is a customizable program that can benefit different strata of industries right from Startups to well-established fortune 500 companies. Its duration varies upon the deliverables starting from 6 months to 12 months that also determines the cost of the program.

HopeQure.com offers a wide range of solutions to ensure holistic mental health support to both employees and employers. These solutions help to understand and address its employees’ mental health concerns which ultimately leads to a psychologically safe, cohesive, and cooperative work environment. Furthermore, such programs are intended to aid organizations in removing psychological roadblocks and attain their goals while maintaining a happy and efficient workforce.

With more than 500 psychologists from across India, HopeQure emphasizes a holistic approach for diagnosis, treatment, and mental health care of individuals. With sound mental health assessments and programs, the online platform has introduced in India the first of its kind fully automated Corporate Employee mental Wellness Program. Additionally, it is also planning to expand its footprints to international markets – the USA followed by GCC and Asia.

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