Interview with CEO at MINIX India Mr. Champakraj Gujjar

CEO at MINIX India Champakraj GujjarBrief us about the product category MINIX of?
Minix is a brand that has brought products like smartwatches, earbuds, neckbands, and power banks to the market to cater to the people who are always searching for efficient and stylish technology to help them with their everyday hustle.
We have multiple products under different product sets made after lots of research and testing to cater to people with different needs.
How Minix is going to manage to stand against big players in India who are already offering high-end smartwatches and fitness trackers?
In our opinion, brands that make truly good products become big. Not just this we believe in making the best technology available to people and that’s exactly something we constantly work on. In today’s world where Technology is playing a vital role we are trying our best as well and we are sure that the response we have gotten in the last 2 years is going to lead us to a good place.
How is the company managing the manufacture and logistics of the products post lockdown scenario?
As companies look to fix their broken value chains in the short-term and reduce their supply chain risks in the long-term, India has an exclusive opportunity to emerge as a preferred business destination during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.Having said that Post lockdown, things have become better with our brand Minix. We have been able to focus and get our goals met. Not denying the fact that we too had faced a rough patch however our logistic partners and our manufacturing team have been our pillars to make things happen.
What are your future plans? Can you share the road map for 2022? 
As mentioned earlier, we are always researching, testing, and analyzing to bring newer technologies and designs to the market. 2022 seems to be brighter than the current year and we are working on some really interesting products which we hope get a good response as all our current products have received.
How’s the last financial year for the company?
To be very honest despite the covid situation and all that lockdown things,we’ve had a good fiscal year. In comparison to the prior year, our smartwatch line helped us increase revenue by 40%.Well for us it’s the clear case of how our product has been the viewers first choice in these difficult situations.Now, we are aiming for the business to grow at a pace of 70%-80% in the coming fiscal year.

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