“Sippline is made out of Food grade virgin polymer” – By, Rohit Warrier, Founder and Director of Warrier Safe Shields

Founder and Director of Warrier Safe Shields Rohit WarrierWhat is the idea behind the product?

Glass hygiene in a public place has always been questionable, while some of us surreptitiously explore ways to clean the rim, a large number of turn a blind eye. I personally help myself with a tissue paper and rigorously rub the rims. This always irked me and I used to wonder there has to be a better way. My hospitality background actually helped me here as I found an amazingly simple to use the solution in Sippline.

What do you think it makes it an innovative & revolutionary offering

It is innovative because it has never been done before. It is revolutionary because it will change the way people drink as it is simple yet very effective for its intended purpose. Sippline is like the first touch screen iPhone or a kindle. People never knew that they needed them until they experienced it and since then they have not looked back. Human beings by nature are resistant to change but once they find something that addresses a latent need they are quick to adapt. Sippline I believe falls in the same category. Itis addressing a huge gap in oral hygiene and is enhancing drinking hygiene while dining out or travelling.

What material is used for its manufacturing?

Sippline is made out of Food grade virgin polymer. We also have a model made out of food-grade silicon-rubber mixture. Both the material is 100% recyclable. Sippline can also be re-used by the same user. Sippline is dishwasher friendly, odourless &non-toxic (BPA free).

What are the benefits of Sippline?

Sippline enhances personal Hygiene. Prevents chances of contracting a bug on account of cross-contamination. No matter where you partake a drink you are assured that your lips are touching a clean sterile surface. It is designed to replicate the smooth plain surface of a glass/cup; thus, ensures that the pleasure of your drink is not compromised. Sippline has been designed to be pocket friendly and is easy to carry in your pockets or bag.

What makes it a safe drinking shield for public and how do you think its applicable in the current situation?

Sippline comes in a medical-grade sterilized packaging. Means, Only person that touches is the one who opens it and their hands are clean.When you place it on the rim of the glass you are assured of drinking from a clean surface and that to me makes it safe to drink from.

The packaging also has special inks which changes its colour after sterilization. This gives added comfort to the user as he/ she can verify for themselves even before tearing up the packaging.

In the current situation with the pandemic on the rampage and other weather-related illnesses this small accessory can help avoid you contracting a disease, either at least on having a drink.

Why do you think Sippline will set a new standard and why people should carry Sippline with them?

Hygiene is a way of life. The importance of the same has never been thrown up at us as it has been in the last one year. I believe people will realize the convenience and ease of use that Sippine offers and I think it will make hygienic drinking an infectious habit.

Brief of the company Warrier Safe Shields

Warrier Safe Shields a Warrier Electronics initiative, started in 2020. Currently offers Sippline as the only offering from its stable. The intent is to over the months add products to the line-up that compliment Sippline and amplify personal hygiene and well being.

How will this product help the hospitality sector in the current situation?

People are currently on the, edge they are wanting to step out and resume the normal lives at the same time they are worried about the pandemic lurking around.

Hospitality industry the worst hit in this pandemic needs to get the customer’s confidence back. Offering Sippline as a default offering or as an optional offering can help instill confidence in the customers while also giving their own brand an impetus. Addition of Sippline to the tableware will go a long way in reinstating the establishment’s commitment to the customer’s hygiene and well-being.

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