Monkey Shoulder presents “The Handler”

Monkey Shoulder, the brand for the new generation of whisky enthusiasts, has launched The Handler, an exciting limited-edition pack across select markets in India ahead of the festive season.


With the festive season approaching and the consumers finally making peace with the WFH culture, The Handler is a one stop solution to add the chill to your unwind time after a long day of working from home. With consumers increasingly feeling like they’re living-at-work as opposed to working from home, The Handler is the transformation tool that turns any surrounding into an after-work station, highlighted with its inimitable ability to hold ice cubes while you enjoy your drinks with your tribe, virtually or otherwise. An after work drink to a movie-marathon, or your 8 PM break-away with a drink of Monkey Shoulder, with The Handler, all the ice you need is always just under an arm’s length away, promising uninterrupted down time with a chilled drink in hand.

Talking about the unique innovation, Payal Nijhawan, Head of Marketing, William Grant & Sons said, “The Handler will serve as a great addition to your Monkey Shoulder experience. With a drink of Monkey Shoulder after a day at work or otherwise, we are extending another element of chill to our consumers that brings your ice closer to you, so you don’t have to force intervals in between your downtime with your tribe. The Handler, like the brand and the Monkey National Co. is cheeky, playful, and a fantastic addition to whisky lovers’ after-work station this festive season.”

Conceptualized solely to help consumers ace their downtime, The Handler adds ease for consumers as they do not need to make rounds to their freezers for uninterrupted chill and is the ideal gifting option for whisky lovers. The limited-edition pack will be available across select markets in Goa, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai starting End-October.

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