5 Super Easy Hacks You Must Try To Rid Your Apparels of Holi Colours

Holi is around the corner and is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil, the vivacious festival brings with it, a burst of colours – in the air, on our skin and hair, and inescapably on our clothes as well. Instead of wearing our most flattering apparels, we stick to our old and worn outfits each year to protect them from the wrath of colours. While this is a sensible approach, what if we went a notch further to make your ‘rang barse’ moment extra special in the outfit of your choice!

Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 tried and tested hassle-free washing hacks from the experts that will be your saviour this festive season. Go on and enjoy yourself with ease.

  1. Scrub with Citrus Juice

The hassle of removing Holi colours from clothes becomes quite easy when clothes are soaked in lemon juice and gently scrubbed ahead of the regular wash cycle. The citrus aids in lightening the colour which makes it easy for your washing machine to restore their shade. Washing machines like the Bosch front load are highly effective in ensuring the quality of your clothes remain unaffected.

  1. Avoid drying your clothes in sun post wash

This isn’t exactly a colour removal, but we’d share it anyway. Limit the Vitamin D intake to yourself and let your clothes receive the comfort of an efficient dryer for post Holi cleansing. After the layers of home hacks and washing cycles its best to avoid exposing them to direct or harsh sunlight right away, A dryer whether inbuilt or standalone will be efficient in retaining their softness. You can take perfect care of your laundry with the Bosch dryer.

  1. Ammonia Based Cleaner

Stains can be removed by using cleaners that have an ammonia base. Spraying a small amount will remove it effortlessly, with a cloth or piece of tissue paper, and blotting the stain. Wait for some time and run a wash cycle, preferably in cold water. After this use of Siemens, sensoFresh helps remove odors and germs by safely washing only goods that have been dry cleaned to help preserve the colour and texture of your favorite outfit. 

  1. Do not forget the delicates

Your intimate wear can be washed separately but do not mix them with your other load. They may have traces of colour and its best to avoid risking the quality and colour. One easy solution is a mesh washing bag. They will add an extra layer of protection to keep your delicates safe and will ensure the clothes are washed well. Washing machines like Siemens front load offer a very efficient hygiene care and delicates setting that will put your cleaning worries to rest after the celebration is over.

  1. Make bleach your best friend for whites

White and Holi are inseparable, for your favourite white outfit, soak it in bleach to retain its original texture. Make sure its non-chlorinated and do this as soon as you are home. Use lukewarm or hot water for better results. Once done run your regular wash and dry cycle on your washing machine. Be careful to not mix this with your regular load. This is a tried-and-tested hack, that is the most underrated.

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