[24]7.ai focuses on gender diversity within the organization

[24]7.ai – a global player in intent-driven customer engagement solutions has been relentlessly working to create a gender diverse, safe, and accepting workspace for all its people. Currently, at a diversity ratio of 31%, the company has a host of initiatives to continue being a women friendly organisation:

  • Zero discrimination on compensation based on gender—We believe in ‘Equal pay for Equal work’, irrespective of gender and ensure that compensation for our women is at par with (and often better than) their male counterparts and is decided purely basis meritocracy.
  • Global Mobility Program – a system to create virtual Global roles for women who may not be able to physically relocate due to family commitments.
  • Women focused hiring drives: Hiring drives focused on bringing more women into the workforce. [24]7.ai has partnered with several channel partners specialized in the Diversity space to reach out to women in colleges, tier 2/3 towns, and via lateral and referral hiring.
  • Womenable – This is a focused learning and development program and modules for women designed to create a pipeline of potential women leaders for the organization to take on mid and top management positions. The company is already seeing this initiative create a powerful pool of women leaders spearheading critical business functions such as IT/IS, Legal, Quality, HRD, Sales, Marketing and more.
  • Adoption support policy with maternity leaves for those who are adopting instead of the conventional way of parenting. Apart from the above, the company has a host of other initiatives aimed at supporting women to manage their personal and professional lives:
  • Maternity benefits throughout the pregnancy period: [24]7.ai understands that women need extra support and care during this time, which is why the company has initiatives to support women during their pregnancies:

o   Baby allowances are provided to employees welcoming a new child into their lives.

o   The company hosts ‘baby showers’ for expectant mothers

o   Special cabs are provided for the expectant moms throughout their term of pregnancy for a comfortable and safe commute.

o   Moms-to-be badges are given to our employees to ensure special care is given to the expectant mom during her course of pregnancy in the organization.

  • Gift of Time: This is a first-of-its-kind initiative where employees can assist other team members in times of need by ‘gifting’ their leave or off days. Team members can opt to transfer up to 30 days of leaves to others in times of need. This is especially beneficial to women seeking an extended maternity break or time off to attend to family priorities

Nina Nair – Senior Vice President & HRD Head, India & Americas, said, “As an organisation, we are extremely passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. We strongly believe that a collaboration of unique individuals will create inventive solutions. We strongly believe in supporting our people in every way possible to help them manage their professional and personal lives comfortably. We aim to create a more flexible and rewarding work culture where every employee gets to maintain their productivity while also retaining their best mental, physical, and social balance, says Nina Nair, who is a Senior VP & HRD Head for India and Americas geo in the organization. Nina advocates equality and diversity within as well as the outside of the organization and encourages an inclusive environment.”

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