Carlsberg India’s initiative to support customers and consumers with Sanitizing Wipes

Carlsberg India is providing one million sanitising wipes across India to support and promote safety and wellbeing of its partners and consumers.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, and consumers begin venturing out for day-to-day outdoor activities, sanitising has become even more essential. To support and encourage safer habits, Carlsberg has customised, procured, and distributed sanitising wipes amongst retailers urging them to hand over the same whenever a consumer makes a purchase. These wipes will help limit surface transmission of COVID-19 during handling of products at the point of purchase and build trust for the company amongst its partners.

Thus far, Carlsberg India has placed these wipes in countertop dispensing units in 4,000+ outlets across eight markets including Maharashtra.

Commenting on the initiative, Partha Jha, Vice President- Marketing, Carlsberg India Pvt Ltd said “We focus on our consumers and customers and using our resources to ensure their safety is the need of the hour. Through this initiative, we wanted to contribute to a safer experience for them.”

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