Cornea and EMBIBE Join Hands to Reshape Classroom Learning

Cornea, widely known for its unified communication products and smart gadgets, is excited to announce its partnership with EMBIBE, India’s foremost Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered learning & outcomes platform for providing advanced educational content to students across the country. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the realm of education, as it seeks to provide advanced and personalized educational content to students across the nation. It aims to redefine the educational landscape by revolutionizing the way students engage with digital learning materials through Cornea’s state-of-the-art Flat Panel Display and Tablet products and EMBIBE’s personalized and adaptive AI-led platform.

With this, students and educators spanning the K12 segment, competitive examinations, and government exams will now have unparalleled access to EMBIBE’s state-of-the-art learning solutions, available in multiple vernacular languages. This ground-breaking partnership is set tto elevate learning outcomes and equip the youth with the skills required to navigate a dynamic job market. EMBIBE’s primary objective through this alliance is to transform education, delivering tailored and adaptive learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of each student, thereby enhancing the educational ecosystem for the betterment of all learners. One of the standout features of this collaboration is the provision of individual tablets for students, each offering unique access.

This means that students can access educational content tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a personalized learning experience that accommodates various learning styles and paces. Among EMBIBE’s recent offerings, ‘EMBIBE Lens’ stands out as part of the suite of innovative apps, alongside the newly launched ‘EMBIBE Lab Experiments,’ which brings a virtual state-of-the-art laboratory experience directly to students and educators.

Commenting on this partnership, Mr. Ankit Garg, Director, Cornea said “We are thrilled to partner with EMBIBE to transform classroom learning. By combining our advanced technology with EMBIBE’s comprehensive educational content, we are confident that we can transform the way students engage with digital learning materials. Our aim is to create an immersive and personalized learning experience that caters to the diverse needs of students across India”

He further added, “Our partnership with EMBIBE brings forth an all-encompassing classroom solution designed to enhance the learning journey. At the heart of this partnership lies the provision of interactive flat panels with 3D content and individual tablets for both students and teachers.”

Ms. Aditi Avasthi, Founder & CEO, EMBIBE, commenting on the partnership, added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Cornea World in our mission to revolutionize education. Through this strategic alliance, we are leveraging cutting-edge technology to seamlessly deliver EMBIBE’s diverse educational content to students globally. Our commitment to inclusivity, encompassing a wide range of subjects, proficiency levels, and vernacular languages, ensures that every student, regardless of their background, can access an enriching and empowering learning experience. We are confident that this partnership will prove immensely beneficial to all students seeking a true state-of-the-art learning experience.”

Cornea’s commitment to accessibility is evident in its pan-India delivery and installation services. Schools and institutes across the country can readily access this state-of-the-art classroom solution, ensuring that no student is left behind. To further solidify their commitment to excellence, Cornea offers a generous 3-year onsite warranty. This assurance underscores their confidence in the durability and reliability of their products, providing schools and institutes with peace of mind.

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