Danfoss introduces Climate Solutions segment

In an effort to further strengthen customer focus and be fully ready to capture future growth opportunities, Danfoss is now implementing a new group structure by merging its Heating and Cooling segments. The new segment called Danfoss Climate Solutions will focus on developing integrated energy efficient solutions to engineer a better and sustainable future. The merger is backed by the company’s strong growth in 2020, despite Covid-19 challenges, with a bullish approach and high investment towards the green agenda & digital transformation.

Danfoss Climate Solutions India Sales organisation was recently unveiled by the company. Anuraaga Chandra, who previously led Danfoss Cooling Sales will now be Head India Sales for Danfoss Climate Solutions and shall report to Ravichandran Purushothaman, President – Danfoss India. This restructuring also reflects the company’s move for more regional empowerment & facilitating its regional leadership to be closer to customers and thereby, enhancing its customer-centric approach towards ‘India4India’ innovation and engineering.

India’s transformation across the global mega-trends of electrification, digitalisation, urbanisation, climate change and food supply are growing stronger by the day. In view of this, Danfoss stays committed to deepening its industry relevance and furthering the scope for innovation and sustainability for its customers and partners.

Kim Fausing, President & CEO, Danfoss, said, “Danfoss emphasises consistent investment in future growth, thereby enhancing our future-readiness. Our focus is to build and develop global leading businesses and market positions to accelerate growth and remain a trusted pillar of support for our customers.”

The merger of Danfoss Heating and Cooling businesses into Danfoss Climate Solutions will unlock a huge potential for Danfoss to leverage the combined scale, resources and technology of both businesses to become a global player with an unmatched value proposition across industries and a green agenda that will re-energise the economy.

There are strong strategic rationales for combining the two segments, as 40% of all energy consumption in cities is utilized for cooling and heating. With increasing urbanization and global focus on green transition, Danfoss Climate Solutions offers a huge potential for providing integrated energy-efficient solutions needed to deliver on the targets in the “Paris agreement” and the nation’s sustainability goals.

Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India, said, “The introduction of the Danfoss Climate Solutions segment in India will reinforce our thought leadership in the market and create new avenues to highlight the role of the Indian industry in achieving global climate targets. Our view is to support India’s transition to a decarbonized economy with world-class technology that is innovated, manufactured and marketed in India.”

With this merger, Danfoss aims to introduce a wider range of products/solutions, centralised marketing, and regional tech support for its customers to enable them to move faster towards the adoption of the green agenda. The company also plans to enhance the company’s footprint across the geographies of world countries and identify opportunities for cross-selling among its customers.

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