inFeedo’s Amber reveals insights from 1.3 M employee conversations

inFeedo, a SaaS people analytics and conversational AI company released its annual EX trends report. The report reveals insights into how employees engaged at the workplace in 2022, the top 7 reasons employees quit, and how HR leaders can use these insights to increase productivity and drive business impact in 2023. inFeedo analyzed over 1.3 million employee conversations across 250+ customers globally to understand how organizations can harness the power of their employees’ voices.

Key insights from the report:

  1. 34.3% of employees left their organization in 2022 because of a lack of work-life balance and flexibility. Manager effectiveness (15%), career growth & job satisfaction at (14.2%), benefits & compensation at (10%), well-being at (9.9%), and lack of appreciation & recognition (3.5%) were some other reasons people quit workplaces. By prioritizing employee experience around these factors, leaders can retain employees for longer and improve their productivity.
  2. 50% of the employees who quit were between 0-1 years tenure. In 2023, it would be important for people leaders to develop a focus on infant attrition and actively engage new hires.
  3. 70% of at-risk employees whose feedback was acted on in real-time did not land in People To Meet in their subsequent conversations with Amber.
  4. Most popular survey themes were employee experience (44.02%), onboarding & hiring experience (8.12%), employee well-being (6.84%), manager experience & effectiveness (5.13%).
  5. HRBPs saved 11,000+ hours they would have otherwise spent collecting, analyzing, and acting on employee feedback with AI & automation.
  6. Amber saw an 11-point increase in the overall engagement of employees whose grievances were heard and resolved by the organization.
  7. Factors that contributed to both engagement and disengagement were quality of work, career growth, rewards & recognition, team happiness, and a fair workplace.

At the launch of the report, Tanmaya Jain, Founder & CEO, inFeedo said, “With the current economic whirlwinds, and a tough employee market, CEOs and Boards are turning to CHROs to build unique people strategies that have a direct impact on the top line and the bottom line of the company. Every employee conversation matters and people leaders need to focus on building a continuous listening strategy and adopt technologies that can accurately predict employee sentiments, and help people teams make data-led decisions.”

Amber is deployed at scale as the Chief Listening Officer and reports directly to the CEO. Her Conversational AI and people analytics capabilities help HR leaders control attrition by understanding how employees really feel, uncovering the real sentiment and gaps, especially for the top talent.

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