IntrCity announced the buyout of GoldSeat

IntrCity announced that it has acquired GoldSeat ‘in-bus applications & telematics platform’, which will be integrated on its SmartBus fleet. The acquired technology will help the brand in strengthening its own mobility platform, which manages the IntrCity SmartBus fleet across 14 states in India.

The platform’s capabilities include GPS based location monitoring & tracking, CCTV feed management, multi network Wi-Fi, passenger information & announcement system. Seamless integration of GoldSeat technology will not only boost current features as well as enable upcoming capabilities around AI based driver fatigue alert and integrating with OEMs for better service to operators.

Talking about the development, Kapil Raizada, Co-Founder said “IoT is the key technology component for automation & comprehensive monitoring of service levels on SmartBus fleet, as the operations are remote, geographically spread & overnight. With a rapidly expanding fleet size, we needed a standardized IoT platform that can be quickly deployed on any bus, and which can talk seamlessly with our back-end intelligent platform. This technology helps us in achieving that objective.”

The MoTech platform will enable data & insights related to driver and vehicle performance. The company also holds enormous experience in using data insights/ trends extracted with help of Machine Learning tools and making those usable for its partners.

Mr. Manish Rathi, CEO & Co-Founder said “We have always been on the forefront of innovation and developing new-age technologies to provide best-in-class service to our intercity travelers. We pioneered “Live Train Status” on trains and our latest launch – Where’s My Bus 2.0 will provide first of its kind experience to intercity bus travelers. Our next set of features on the consumer app will enable cutting edge solutions like pre-boarding communication with bus, on-device destination arrival alert, accurate pre-intimation to pit-stop restaurants about bus arrival. We are excited about integrating this technology and improve experience of the travelers”

The company’s current technology includes features such as ‘Track My Boarding Points’, wherein, a customer is notified about where to wait, the nearest bus pick-up points, and also to inform the bus on arrival at the boarding location. The 24×7 Command Center generates real-time bus feed, driving speed, and CCTV footage. The SmartBus fleet is equipped with onboard washrooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic passenger information and onboard infotainment system. The SmartBus fleet is also equipped with user-friendly state-of-the-art technologies like AI-enabled driver alert to track driver fatigue and GPS.

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