Made in India Sports and Fitness App SportZGrid to take on Facebook and Instagram

Sports and Fitness Sector Skill Council has launched “SportZGrid”, an Atmanirbhar Bharat Sports and Fitness Eco System Platform and App. SportZGrid is the first of its kind Eco System Platform in the world with Virtual Conferencing and Live Streaming. Sports and Fitness focused Stories, Jobs, Classes, Training, Events, Groups, Memberships, Social Networking, Pro Finder and Crowd Funding are the main features of the app.

Today people use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the like for getting found. SportZGrid being an exclusive Sports and Fitness Platform, it will make it easier for people to get recognition. Users can rate and rank people, trainers, classes, groups, events etc. across this platform and can also post their videos showcasing their skills to become a SportZGrid “SUPER STAR”.

Speaking about the launch of this unique app, Mr. Tahsin Zahid COO of Sports and Fitness Skill Council said “The community aspect is what makes sports and fitness centers successful. Only 30% of members use the fitness center. Others just pay but don’t use or renew the membership. Take the case of a gym where members can post their workouts, their diets, their weight transformations, take part in classes, post interesting videos, pay membership fees etc. This community building will make customers use the facility more and renew memberships. The platform offers free Virtual Conference, Membership Management, CRM and Attendance Management software.”

A user interested in joining Classes or finding and booking Coaches, Trainers, Dietician etc. These professionals can also be given ratingsbased on their skills and quality of work and training. Mr. Tahsin further added “In times of COVID, retaining and growing memberships and coaching have become difficult and hence we have provided a Virtual Conferencing and Live Streaming Solution which is integrated with every aspect of the platform. Additionally, Group Coaching like Fitness Classes, Personal Coaching, Dietician advice etc. is a huge market and we hope to provide consumer assistance by making it easier for them to find and book seamlessly through the platform.”

According to Mr. Tahsin Sports Sector Skill Council mission is to train 2.1 million people. This will happen both online and in physical locations and the brand will be bringing all these people onto the platform. The training centers will be using SportZGrid for managing the fitness trainings and jobs.

Ever since the launch of the software in June 2020, SportZGrid has gained more than 30,000 registered users and about 15,000 downloads that are continuously growing at a rapid pace.

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