Octa partners with Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra

An investment-focused educational platform Octa recently announced its three-year partnership with Neeraj Chopra, a world-famous Indian athlete. From this year, the Olympic champion will help Octa transform investing into a lifestyle accessible to anyone in India.

Neeraj Chopra is a top-performing athlete and the reigning Olympic champion in the javelin throw. After a surgery to remove bone fragments from his elbow in 2019, Neeraj had to go through a difficult sixteen-month recovery period. Through determination and perseverance, he returned to international competition in 2020. Soon, he broke his own national record and made his debut at the Olympics, where he won the gold medal, becoming the first Indian to win a gold medal in athletics.

Speaking of things shared by sports and investing, Neeraj Chopra said they both require patience. ‘I think both things require a lot of patience. Athletes work very hard in training and need to be careful not to rush into competitions before they are completely sure about their bodies’ fitness. With investments, it’s similar, since you can’t rush into things without educating yourself and can’t expect immediate returns.’

When asked about his thoughts on the collaboration with Octa, Neeraj Chopra said: ‘I’m excited about this collaboration since I feel financial literacy and education about the need for investing is critical for India’s youth. I myself am not as aware about investments as I should be, so I am hoping to use this collaboration with Octa to educate myself and use the platform to spread this awareness among the country’s youth.’

‘We are very excited to partner with Neeraj Chopra, a brilliant athlete who inspires all of us to move forward and reach for new heights. Our collaboration is not only about investments. It’s about trusting professionals on the way to achieving goals. Neeraj instantly came to mind as an outstanding professional who could help us convey this message,’ the Octa press office commented.

On 15 August 2022, Octa launched a video campaign where the Olympic champion will share his view on investing and its place in his life.

Octa is a global people-oriented educational platform where anyone can learn how to benefit from the global market and manage personal finances wisely.

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