Paytm Insider introduces new platform features to enhance the online events experience

Do you remember how magical it was when 10,000 fans sang along with your favourite band live? Or the sweeping excitement of cheering with tens of thousands of fellow cricket fans in the stadium? Or the collective gasp when an unlikely wicket fell? This shared feeling of excitement has not yet been replicated by online events.

The process of watching online events has been more passive than participative, more individualistic than inclusive, and far more technical than humane. To bridge this gap, Paytm Insider is launching a series of platform improvements that brings the essence of shared experience to online events.

We are re-imagining what digital spaces can transform into. With features that allow the users to share their content experience with friends and other fans, we are not just looking at enhancing the quality of content but also the people with whom the users can share their digital experiences.

With features like Multiple Stages, people can switch between different performances seamlessly. They can also participate in live quizzes and contests to win exciting merch & rewards with interactive gaming with scoreboard. Watch Party allows the attendees/users to create their own private video group where they can share their experience of the online event live with their friend circle. With the Festival Chat, people can not only find and talk to the other festival goers but also see public messages and announcements by their hosts. They can also discover and connect with other people having similar music tastes over audio/video chat. The features also have room for people to have fun with photos and videos! Users can get Featured on different stages by simply uploading their 15 second video of enjoying their favourite performances. They can also create unique festival moments with their friends with themed Photo Booths.

We are changing how audiences seamlessly consume online events and we are introducing these features at BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender on 5-6 December. Our homegrown technology is perfect for live events such as music, comedy, theatre, films, sports, workshops, games, quizzes, launch events, conferences and more, across formats and platforms.

Speaking on this, Shreyas Srinivasan – Founder & CEO of Paytm Insider said, “We have always been committed to facilitating unique shared experiences. Our technology brings to online events some of the best elements of attending an event. With the online event experience enhanced with these features, we see online and on-ground events co-existing and helping events reach new audiences from across the world.”

OML CEO Gunjan Arya, said, “As OML, we are fans first and felt that it was important that the show went on, especially considering that artists and audiences are really missing the feeling of enjoying music together. The team at Paytm Insider has worked tirelessly at creating this platform, and it is to their credit that we are able to continue the legacy of never missing a year of the happiest music festival. We’re thrilled about how the Bacardi NH7 Weekender stream looks and feels, and we can’t wait to share that excitement when the festival goes live.”

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