The Circle: Founders Club announces first batch of startups and enlists more than 20 partners and 50 mentors to help them scale

Founders Club, The backed platform connecting start-ups, mentors and investors today announced their first batch of startups and partnerships with a host of industry and government platforms such as Israel Government, AGNIi (Invest India), Nvidia, 100Open Start-ups, Favcy and many others. Through these partnerships, Founders Club will provide mentorship, business development, product development, talent, and networking opportunities to the start-ups working with them. To make it more exclusive for the entrepreneurial talent, The Circle work has a pre-existing incubation partnership with CII.

The 6 startups who are part of The Circle: Founders Club are all from different industries and the founders have diverse backgrounds, but the one thing that is common between all of them is that they have a grand vision, and an audacious tenacity to grow against all odds. Founders joining the program are Rajat Singhania (SocioRac), Aanan Khurma (Wellversed), Bharat Parashar (The Cultor), Mohammed Riaz (Xtracap], Dhiraj Nauhbar (DROR), and Ayush Jain, (, who are the first members of this club.

With support from strategic partners like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), 100Open Startups and Govt. of Israel, startups in the program will get access to many corporates and seasoned mentors. Founders Club has also partnered with a number of corporate partners like J&J Vision, Macquarie Bank, Munjal Auto,  etc, to create a unique, competitive advantage with access to key decision makers, sales channels, potential funding, mentoring and software platforms.  Technology partners like Freshworks, NVIDIA, Segment, AWS, SAP Labs, PayU, Open, Spotdraft and venture builders like Favcy,  will provide the much needed set up support to the startups, while their International partners in Israel, UAE, Singapore, Europe, and the U.K , will greatly help startups looking to expand.

Founders Club as a program aims to provide accelerated growth to startups, and their guiding principle is to look for founders who have the passion to develop products/technologies that could impact and help the world. They received more than 200 applications across different sectors, however after keen consideration and analysis selected 6.

Introduction to the Startups

SocioRac provides a seamless end-to-end solution disrupting the way information is saved, managed and shared on electronic devices through his mobile application, HyLyt.

The Cultor is an exclusive club for artists, designers, and other creators to network and collaborate digitally, offering a variety of services including a mentoring platform, masterclasses, jam sessions, and an exclusive job board among others,

Xtracap Fintech is a transformational business model, designed to accelerate the local GDP, by moving small businesses in small towns from unorganized to organized environments by enabling access to on-demand liquidity and habit forming technology applications.

Safety-tech startup DROR is a platform that provides Covid compliance solutions to enterprises such as social distancing Score, effective time stamp based contact tracing, vaccination tracking & occupancy management solutions., the B2B SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision , and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help organisations create personalised user experiences.

Wellversed is India’s first first full-stack nutrition brand that enables sustained wellness outcomes by an integration of wellness plans, high nutrition food and dietary supplements. The Nutrition-based Healthcare startup is valued close to INR 100 crores.

The startups also get funding opportunities through an in-house angel network called the Circle of Angels, comprising senior corporate executives, HNIs, and successful entrepreneurs, to co-invest in and mentor start-ups. And it announced its first round of fund-raising totalling INR 25 crores last month.

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