The ethical-tech-based social media platform is rewarding its users with ‘Aii’s for predicting match results

The situation was quite tense in the room as lines were drawn and defended vociferously. Mumbai Indians had turned the match on its head in what earlier seemed to be a cakewalk for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Super over it is then. A mini-stadium got created in the online chat room of Jai Hind College students as well – all of whom had predicted the match outcome on AiiSocial, a-tech-based social media platform. They later even posted a snapshot of the discussions on AiiSocial’s photo scroll.

Not just them, the passion is all the same in the houses of Singh’s, Meena’s, Gupta’s, and Anwar’s who have their entire families on the ethical social network and more, as the action-packed cricketing tournament of IPL 2020 – a game that’s religiously followed in India – goes on. AiiSocial itself has kept the passions high with its version of the tournament called #AiiPL. The platform has so far registered a 3-fold growth in organic engagement using the hashtag.

AiiSocial is extending free reward points called ‘Aii’s for correctly predicting the match results on AiiSocial using its opinions option. For predicting the winning team, a user earns 500 Aii’s. For Man of the Match, the reward is 1,000 Aii’s and other questions that the platform asks from time to time. Anyone can post the predictions before the given time slot declared every morning. The growth of AiiSocial is completely organic and only increasing with every passing day.

Mr. Ankit Chaudhari, CEO, and Founder of AiiSocial said, “IPL is a welcome change for the audience as the COVID-19 outbreak put a restriction on all sporting events. The frenzy has gripped the nation and the passions are clearly flaring in here as well. I believe it is quite spectacular what we are observing at AiiSocial. As friends enjoy banters over their IPL favorites, the spouses and siblings can be seen betting against each other. Everyone seems to love the experience. A case in point is that one way or the other, Aii’s remain well within the family and the social circle at large. So, it’s a win for all.”

AiiSocial is an innovative social media platform that has an ethical technology construct. It enables people to share their opinions, photos, and videos while engaging them in discussions and initiatives that frequently take place on the platform. The platform has non-manipulative algorithms and extends exceptional connectivity amongst friends with 100% reach on their social media posts. Otherwise, such posts typically reach less than 5% of a person’s friends and followers across other social media platforms. It also extends them complete control of their data and the ability to monetize it as well. AiiSocial offers Aii’s that a user earns either through data monetization or by participating in initiatives like #AiiPL.

In wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, AiiSocial has introduced a state-of-the-art technology feature ‘AiiHealth’ as a part of its AiiShare data-sharing program. It enables people to enjoy similar rewards while sharing their anonymous health, medical details, and daily vital data. You can also take part in #AiiPL and other similar initiatives on the AiiSocial app for iOS or Android.

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