Time to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of secrets revealed by Seer Secrets!!

India being a land of diverse culture and herbs is always seen as a country that is ready to give whatever it has, to the world. Seer which means the ability to look beyond what it has and Secrets here portrays the natural herbal secrets of our country. Seer Secrets was started with the same motive to give all the natural elements back to the people to help them relax their mind and skin. With the aim of returning the natural herbal heritage of the country, in one or the other way Mr. Jasdeep Singh Chadha, Founder and CEO, Seer Secrets started this venture in June 2018.

Seer Secrets has successfully completed its 3 years by helping unveil its secret to help people keep their mind and body healthy and soothing. The brand aims at delivering the best of nature to the people which others are not giving. The ultimate goal of Seer Secrets is to create wellness with the help of ancient herbs.

Within these 3 years Seer Secrets has grown and penetrated its roots all over India. With a transparent and honest approach, Mr. Jasdeep explains how he has carefully crafted the range of the products in order to help mankind with the knowledge of Ayurveda and herbs, moreover to have an ethos he is honoured to say, “We started this company to make a difference – and I believe we have made a difference and we are heading towards a healthy society.”

Commenting on completing 3 years Mr. Singh said, “India has always been a country with rich and diverse flora and fauna since ancient times. With the growth of technology we have left the basic and natural element of your county, because of which we were famous and were known as ‘Golden Bird’. Since childhood I have also aimed at bringing back the basics of nature and returning it back to the people in any of the possible ways. We aim to deliver the products not only, with rare, unheard of ingredients but also formulations which are safe, trustable and well foreseen to understand the needs of modern day folks. We deal with traditional ancient techniques of macerations, fermentations, double boiling, steam distillations, to get our extracts. We make most of our extracts with one of these methods to extract the decided product, with the knowledge and aim in precision of the product and its effects kept safely in our hands.”

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