Absolutdata Named Best Overall AI-Based Analytics Company in 2019 AI Breakthrough Awards Program

Absolutdata, a leader in delivering scalable business impact through AI-powered solutions, advanced analytics, and data science services, today announced that it has won the prestigious “Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company” award from AI Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market. 

Absolutdata’s groundbreaking AI-enabled solutions and services are built on 15 years of experience in advanced analytics. Absolutdata’s Data Science Center of Excellence develops and delivers powerful AI solutions, products and modular components so clients can create scalable business impact with their AI initiatives. 

The company’s NAVIK AI Platform serves as the intelligence layer in emerging enterprise architectures. By combining AI, data and advanced analytics technology, the platform is decision-centric, providing actionable guidance that is based on custom machine learning and AI models engineered for each client to optimize decision making. 

The growing line of NAVIK products and solutions supports a number of industries and verticals, including consumer goods, technology, travel and hospitality, foodservice, retail, telecom and more. The platform includes:  

·         NAVIK SalesAI: AI-based sales guidance that makes every salesperson a high performer

·         NAVIK MarketingAI: A customer-directed marketing platform built around AI-driven hyper-personalization

·         NAVIK ResearchAI: An AI-enabled algorithmic platform that advances market research into the 21st century

·         NAVIK TradeAI: The world’s first Trade Promotion Intelligence (TPI) solution  

·         NAVIK MicroMods: Plug-n-play machine learning algorithms that add the power of AI exactly where needed 

“Absolutdata works with enterprises to kickstart AI implementations that build a lasting competitive edge,” said Dr. Anil Kaul, Co-Founder and CEO, Absolutdata. “We empower partners and customers with enterprise-class AI that creates scalable business impact, and we are excited to continue to grow our NAVIK AI Platform with additional business capabilities. This award is a welcome validation of our hard work and success in the field of AI-based analytics.” 

The mission of the AI Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of AI and machine learning related categories, including AI platforms, Deep Learning, Smart Robotics, Business Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, industry specific AI applications and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 2,500 nominations from over 15 different countries throughout the world. 

“What’s truly impressive about the NAVIK AI platform is the four-year success record of implementing AI to deliver tangible results for Absolutdata clients,” said James Johnson, managing director of AI Breakthrough. “Absolutdata and their NAVIK AI platform are helping customers make better decisions for the best business impact and we are thrilled to recognize the company as one of our marquee 2019 AI Breakthrough Award winners.”

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