Bajar launches platform for retailers in the offline markets

Bajar, a retail discovery app for retailers has announced the launch of its operations. Bajar aims to reshape the way customers buy products or find retailers. The app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, lets you discover retailers near you, what they sell and if they have any ongoing offers. As a retailer, becoming a Bajar Partner would enable you to set-up your “Virtual Store” on the app, which the retailers can add/edit at any time.

On 1st October 2019, Bajar has listed more than 4000 retailers from Delhi on their platform, with their locations, addresses, contact details and categories. The app currently has 5000+ users using the platform, and growing by 100s everyday.

Speaking about the launch, Yashraj Bhatia, founder, Bajar said “Bajar aims to help retailers find customers, and customers to find retailers. Rather than being limited to their stores and shops, retailers can display their products and offers in a digital environment. Customers can find which shops are selling the products they need, and then get in touch with them. We are trying to help retailers get more customers to their store.”

He also added “In today’s time with the economy slowing down, retailers losing business and facing losses, He want to give the power back into the hands of the retailers. The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially in India. With the digital revolution taking the country by storm, more and more people are getting online. This has led to people refraining from going to markets and rather just simply order products online. We identified the need for a platform for retailers to sell their products and reach new customers. Over that, the customer would be able to rate and review retailers which would create a great online platform for retail shopping. We are working towards adding the ability to sell your products through the platform, just like food delivery, any retailer would be able to deliver orders nearby. It would be great convenience to both the sellers and the buyers.”

Other than providing a smooth experience to its customers, Bajar Partners can use a dedicated app to control their store profiles themselves, without needing any interference from the company.

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