Handshake Global Introduces Smart Visiting Cards

The revolutionary HS Cards mobile app launched by Handshake Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd will surely change the way in which people introduces themselves or their businesses. Whether, a casual card for individuals or a business card for professionals, the HS Cards mobile app is widely available on Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (IOS), serves to the need of all.

The availability of a wide range of design/dynamic templates and facility of sharing visiting cards with saved contacts in one’s phone are not the only wow factors of the app. But, an amazing lot of interesting features like attaching audio & video with cards, adding social media links like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn on the visiting card, facility of scanning & location tracking, any changes to the connection’s card is notified, adding connection to phonebook, cloud storage availability and push notification facility to keep track of the card sharing also make this app a must-have.

Tanmay Vivek Ratnaparkhi, Founder, Handshake said, “Very few people create personal cards with their personal address. But, Handshake is there to change this notion. Along with, giving some digitally strong card features like sharing card though mobile number, attaching audio & video, location tracker and scanning facility, third party sharing, meeting, the app have also come up with the unique concept of creating interactive visiting cards with their home addresses that can be shared with friends & family.”

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