HCCB (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) Pvt Ltd) – one amongst India’s top FMCG companies – has entered the list of elite, global, manufacturing organizations. Two of its factories, one each at Ameenpur (near Hyderabad city) and Pirangut, Pune have been conferred the prestigious JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) Excellence in Consistent TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Commitment Award. The award was handed over to factory managers G. Venkateswara Rao and Kedar Sapre for Ameenpur and Pirangut respectively, at a glittering ceremony in Kyoto, Japan.

JIPM is one of the elite institutions in the world, which promotes safe, secure and reliable, production and maintenance activities in global manufacturing set-ups. Since its institution in 1964, it has also presented the TPM Excellence Awards, and so far, only 2,000 plants in the world have received this award.

Among the 21 plants globally, that have been conferred the JIPM Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment award, in 2018, there are 11 Indian Plants, 2 of which are the HCCB factories at Pirangut and Ameenpur.

TPM was introduced by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) in 1971 and is defined as the ultimate method of pursuing production efficiency. It is intended to encompass the entire company from the shopfloor to the executive boardroom, creating a true company-wide commitment to production excellence, and is designed to avoid any losses by creating a culture of ‘zero accidents, zero defects and zero breakdowns’.

Commenting on the recognition, Dinesh Jadhav, Executive Director, Supply Chain, HCCB, said, “This award is the ultimate tribute to the man-machine combination at our world class factories. TPM has been at the core of the construct in our factory operations, as we went about economizing the use of resources and enhancing production. Both these factories anyways have many distinctions to their credit, but the JIPM award is absolute top notch. All credit to the people at our factories, who make the wheels run. I congratulate the entire HCCB family and Kedar Sapre, Venkat and their teams in particular.”

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