HOOQ brings Brad Pitt’s blockbuster movies on his 54th birthday

Fans of William Bradley Pitt, better known as Brad Pitt, rejoice, as HOOQ – the largest Video on Demand service in South-East Asia – brings nine of the actor’s favourite movies to fans here in India.   The academy award-winning actor celebrates his 54th birthday today and HOOQ is bringing together a collection of quintessential Brad Pitt movies in celebration of that.  Witness Brad’s many faces through the years whichever suits your fancy – Brad as the Greek legend Achilles or even the suave Rusty Ryan from the Oceans movies – there’s certainly a version of Brad and countless hours of him to get your inner fan voice screaming.  The full list includes – Moneyball, Interview with the Vampire, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, The Devil’s Own, Seven Years in Tibet, Troy and Snatch.

“Some of Hollywood’s most iconic roles have been played by Brad Pitt and he is certainly synonymous with the best Hollywood has to offer.  In celebration of his 54th birthday, we wanted to treat his fans with a selection of Brad’s best roles on HOOQ.  We hope the fans will really enjoy this, and to Brad, a very Happy Birthday, from all of us at HOOQ!” said Salil Kapoor, Managing Director of HOOQ India.

List of Brad Pitt’s blockbuster movies on his 54th birthday


Moneyball is based on a true story about a baseball team called Oakland Athletics where the team is short on cash and without any funding support.  Follow the passion and lengths that Billy Beane, the team’s manager goes through to save the team.  Brilliantly played by Brad Pitt, Moneyball won the appreciation of critics as well as the audience for being a flawless cinematic beauty. 

Interview with the Vampire

This is an epic life story of love, betrayal, loneliness and hunger told by a vampire Louis played by Brad Pitt.  Starring across from Tom Cruise, 2 of Hollywood’s leading men lead the tale of a vampire’s journey based on the 1976 novel ‘Interview with the Vampire’ by Anne Rice.  Be seduced and mesmerised by the convincing passion of Louis as he searches the world for companionship. 

Ocean’s Eleven

Who could resist the killer combo of the icy cool Brad Pitt with the suave looking George Clooney? This film is truly one of the finest and coolest heist movies to hit the big screen!  Pitt dials up the charm with Rusty Ryan – an incredibly handsome looking character and a highly skilled con artist fluent in Mandarin.  Due to the amazing success of the movie, it went to have two more sequels. 

Ocean’s Twelve

The incredible success of Ocean’s Eleven naturally landed itself a sequel – Ocean’s Twelve.  The incredibly cool crew returns with Pitt and Clooney reprising their roles. Danny Ocean gathers up his complete gang of con artists and thieves from the first film in New York City before they all jet off to Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris to pull off three separate heists. 

Ocean’s Thirteen

Back for a third and final instalment, Ocean’s gang come back together for one last time reunion to hatch an ambitious revenge against ruthless casino owner Willy Bank (played by Al Pacino).  Catch Pitt as he charms audiences again as the charismatic Rusty Ryan and how the gang manages to pull off yet another heist! 

The Devil’s Own

Brad Pitt stars in this American thriller as a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, where he plays the thrilling and challenging role of a terrorist.  Pitt not only stole the show but will also make you skip a heartbeat whenever you see him onscreen. 

Seven Years in Tibet

Set in the beautiful and scenic mountains of Lhasa, this is a 1997 American biographical war drama film based on the 1952 book of the same name written by Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer on his experiences in Tibet between 1944 and 1951 during World War II.  Pitt played the role of Heinrich Harrer who breaks out of prison and travels to the holy city of Lhasa. 


Brad Pitt plays the legendary Greek warrior Achilles in this epic period drama based on The Trojan War.  Pitt surprised everyone with his portrayal of Achilles making Troy easily one of his best and commercially successful films. 


Set in the London criminal underworld, this British crime comedy written and directed by Guy Richie combines two intertwined plots: one dealing with the search for a stolen diamond, the other with a small-time boxing promoter who finds himself under the thumb of a ruthless gangster who is ready and willing to have his subordinates carry out severe and sadistic acts of violence.  Catch Pitt as the irreverent boxing champion who delivers a stellar performance even if you could not quite understand a word he says!

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