Letstrack launches LT Prima Fuel Device

Letstrack launched LT Prima Fuel Device. Letstrack Prima Fuel device is designed for vehicle tracking, including fleet management in unstable network areas. Additional features it possesses are engine cut and full vehicle monitoring along with analog inputs for fuel detection.


  • SOS – A rescue feature only meant to be used in emergency, simply by clicking on the SOS button. The location can be traked easily by the GPS satellites and an alert will be created instantly via notification on the app and mail.
  • Real Time Tracking – Track your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues with the real-time tracking of Letstrack tracking devices. This feature enables you to track in the present time with exact location instantly.
  • Recover Offline GPS Data – This device has a unique feature to store offline GPS data, which means it will store the tracking device locations even when your device is offline
  • Zone Alerts – Letstrack tracking app enables you to create zones for tracking your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues. It alerts you every time the concerned person enters/exits the designated area.
  • 24 Hour History – Can check all the missed out on just a single screen and never worry about them again.
  • Device Disconnect – This feature allows you to get alerts when the device is disconnected from the vehicle. The inbuilt battery that is present in this device enables it to send alerts.

Specifications : 

  1. GSM (MHz) 900/1800 or 850/1900
  2. Dimension ( L X W X H ) MM : 90 X 13.6 X 45
  3. Storage Temperature: -30°C ~ 70°C & Operating Temperature -30°C ~ 70°C

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