Lookup is officially launching in Delhi through Delhivery

New Delhi, India, August 18, 2015: On this Independence Day, Lookup is going live in Delhi by collaborating with Delhivery that provides supply chain solutions to online and offline retailers. Through this partnership, Lookup will drive customers to these stores, help them in discovery and engagement through their chat platform while their inventory management will be taken care of by Delhivery. Together, Lookup and Delhivery will empower the Mom n Pop stores to manage their businesses better. Also, in this Delhi Launch, Lookup invited people to send a Freedom selfie to Lookup with the hashtag #FreedomSelfie to express their love for India on this Independence Day.

Commenting on this, Deepak Ravindran, Founder & CEO, Lookup said, “We aim at providing an end-to-end solution to our customers. After getting an overwhelming response with over 700000+ installs, MAU of 189500 & registering with over 25,000 offline merchants, we are now exhilarated to take this ahead in Delhi as well.”

Delhivery has partnered with 500 stores across 15 cities and plans to take this number to 30 cities by end of August. Going a step ahead to achieve this goal, Delhivery Co-founder Sahil Barua says, “Technology is making inroads into every business sector and retail is no exception. We help stores to streamline their inventory management. This partnership is a step towards empowering small businesses through the technological synergy of Lookup and Delhivery.”

Lookup provides the local stores with a mobile & desktop panel through which they can receive orders, products and price enquiries. This along with the Delhivery`s POS system will help the vendors in making their business more organized and technology infused.  Lookup aims to make the service smooth and the technology- less intimidating for the vendors.

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