OLED- The Future of TV: With this unique innovation, the smartest technology in TV is finally here

It is a well-known fact that smart technology is the road ahead for all our future activity. The dynamics and new trends in innovation technologyhas culminated in the development of breakthrough products, as well as enhancing the capabilities of existing gadgets by making them multi-faceted and exciting to use.

Take for example the Television, a quintessential gadget in every home which is used for the purposes of dissemination of information as well as entertainment and leisure.With the advent of better and innovative technology the ‘TV dream’has become a reality for most of us and now forms an integral part of our surroundings, be it in our homes or offices With the introduction of LG’s signature OLED TV, smart technology has become accessible and enjoyable for consumers now.

LG has always been the forerunner of technological breakthroughs. The OLED TV’s key message is that of simplicity and perfection. With the presence of the self-lighting pixels which enhance the picture quality to real-life like, the OLED is the only available TV which boasts of such technology. The perfection in design and technology together make this TV the official device for Technicolor’s color mastering which is a big feat. The Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos of the OLED deliver the perfect blend of outstanding picture and sound quality. The concept of perfect color on perfect black is a key feature of the OLED. The technology of the OLED TV is futuristic and forward looking. With the spaces shrinking and aesthetics taking precedence, the OLED redefines the future of TV with its wall paper-slim design coupled with unmatched sound and picture quality. The sleek look of this TV, makes any place where it is installed seems unique and high end.

The OLED is marked with a special feature in terms of connectivity, a feature which makes it a smart technology product. It uses the latest WebOS 3.0 user interface which provides seamless, intuitive navigation and unlimited entertainment options. The feature gives it enhanced mobile connectivity- a must have in today’s age, remote features and greater content options. The smart operations allow control of many devices using the Magic Remote. It uses a simple point and click feature. You can also use scroll, gesture or voice commands, thus making it very user-friendly. With the Magic Zoom feature, users can zoom in objects and pictures on the screen without hampering the picture quality.Through the LG TV Plus App users will be able to sync their smartphones with the LG Smart TV and access their apps and phone data on the television. The Multi View feature splits the screen of the Smart TV and allows the viewer to watch two different inputs at the same time. You can play music via the Music Player App with attractive user interface & freedom to select your own playlist on the LG Smart TV even when the TV screen is off. The Simple Switching option allows users to switch seamlessly from one platform to another. The Smart Share feature allows users to access music, videos and photos from the comfort of the sofa and view it on a big screen. Users can connecttheir laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone and external HDD.

With the unique and compelling technological upgradations in the LG OLED, the company has paved a new dimension for the field of smart technology. With these features the TV watching experience has been redefined and made more versatile. New breakthroughs are always a welcome as they mark the new highs of human achievement and success at making our lives easier. The field of Smart Technology has been given an impetus by the R&D efforts at LG, leading to the creation of its innovative products. The company is making further efforts in this direction. The OLED is truly a unique innovation and a way of bringing the future of TV home.

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