Oye Honk Mat Yaara initiative by MY FM capitalized the city with a Horn Free Week

My FM along with the Chandigarh Traffic police initiated a drive called “Oye Honk Mat Yaara“ under which MY FM RJ’s ; RJ Meenakshi , RJ Geet, RJ Manav, RJ Gagan & RJ Jassi  drove the campaign for a week in the city asking people not to blow horn.

MY FM RJ’s along with Chandigarh traffic police went on Schools, Colleges, Traffic signals and Hospitals in order to inspire people not to blow horn with one compliance i.e to make Chandigarh a  Honk Free city. 5 RJs were on ground doing their shows and links from various crossing points educating the citizens of the city not to honk.

The campaign was reinforced with the help of ace Bollywood Director ,Mr Imtiaz Ali & wonderful Actor & Music Director Piyush Mishra who imbibed by the thought of not honking to the people of the city.

Unlike the entire country who were busy celebrating Valentine’s Day with their loved ones,  MY FM celebrated Valentine’s  Day in a unique style by RJ Meenakshi  giving away roses to people of the city in her visit to Sector 15 Chandigarh  ,PGI Hospital & Punjab University  asking  people not to blow horn.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Rahul Namjoshi, Business Head, MY FM said,” Music is pleasing whereas horn is a disruption to the ears. And the very thought of not having a disruption for our listeners while listening to music made us do this campaign. We are overwhelmed at receiving so much support from the people of the city and happy to have been able to succeed this campaign with zest and passion.”

The Chandigarh Traffic police praised and supported the entire drive.

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