Skill Development Management System(SDMS) will be launched on the 15th of July

NextGen Skill Development Management System (SDMS), launching on 15th July 2018, will support rapid scaling up of skill development efforts in India, by creating an end-to-end, outcome focused implementation framework, which aligns demands of establishments for a well-trained skilled workforce with aspirations of Indian citizens for sustainable livelihoods. This platform will

  • Create an end to end implementation framework for skill development which provides opportunities for life-long learning.
  • Align employer / industry demand and workforce productivity with trainee’s aspirations for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Establish and enforce cross-sectoral, nationally and internationally acceptable standards for skill training in the country by creating a sound quality assurance framework

Various stakeholders starting from MSDE, NSDC, SSC, Trainer Eco System to individual citizen will get benefitted from NextGen SDMS platform. This platform is an integrated skilling management platform supporting various types of schemes run by NSDC.

Stakeholder                                                         Business Benefit
MSDE ·  Unified data source of all schemes run by NSDC centrally as well as under CSSM

·  Scheme effectiveness at geography, gender, age, caste, industry, QP/NoS etc

NSDC ·  Manage Scheme / Programs through configurable scheme management

·  Agility in defining QP as well as Model Curriculum at faster pace

·  Unified centre management process supporting all type of schemes

·  Effective monitoring of Trainer, Assessor, centre, scheme and program performance

·  Workflow based training and scheme life cycle management

·  Multi dimension analytical view

Sector Skill Council ·  Launch of new courses with effective approval workflow

·  Manage centre Affiliation and Accreditation requests effectively as well as Trainer and Assessors

·  Access to candidate 360 data for upskilling and placements within industry

·  Integrated view of their industry starting centre, schemes, training life cycle, candidate life cycle including

TP / TC and Assessment Agencies ·  Centre and scheme management through configurable and unified process including target demand & approval, candidate mobilization, batch management etc

·  Association with multiple schemes based on capacity and other defined business parameters

·  Manage assessment through enhanced assessment flow and mobile application

Placement Agencies ·  Single source for candidate search for hiring / placement

·  Candidate profile data available through Placement Mela for potential hiring / placement

Citizen ·  Availability of online 360 degree profile with view of information around Sectors, QPs, Job Roles, Jobs

·  Profile available to SSC, Industry Partners for counselled, assessed and up-skilled / re-skilled

New SDMS platform will provide multi dimension benefits to MSDE, NSDC as well as other stakeholders within eco-systems.

SDMS is a platform that will be used to Run, Manage, Monitor, Plan and Predict the skill ecosystem of India. It has been developed using cutting edge technology, using server less architecture on the cloud to provide the scalability to handle the huge skill landscape for a country like India.  The technology used provides a security to the nation’s data and flexibility for adapting to constantly changing requirements.

NextGen SDMS has been designed to scale up horizontally as well as vertically using micro services architecture on public cloud to serve as a unified skill management platform for NSDC.

  • Responsive user interface
  • Open Source Technology stack promoted by Govt Of India on public in-country cloud platform
  • Security through configurable web traffic filtering, Network ACL, Encryption, DDoS mitigation on top of cloud security as well as role – based access control
  • Scalability supported by elastic scalability at Infrastructure level and micro services at application level

The platform will be providing with ease of use the access to the skilling for the Indian Citizens. The platform connects the various schemes with training providers across India, efficiently and transparently.

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