Sports Betting Live: About In-Game and In-Play Betting

Many sports fans don’t just love watching and following their favorite sport/s. Many would also place their wagers. Some do this to support their favorite teams or athletes while others are natural punters who have the knack for sports betting.

Many resorts to sports betting to earn a few extra bucks while enjoying their favorite sport. Many also do this to add more thrill and excitement to the matches they are watching. Sports betting is both simple and complicated, depending on how serious you are about this. Serious punters are fond of placing risky and high rewarding bets and this is why many of them choose in-play or in-game betting using the Betway betting app and many others.

How In-Play and In-Game Betting Works

People would call this form of betting differently. It is sometimes called live betting or in-running betting. Whatever it is that you decide to call this kind of betting, what’s sure is that it is quite different from the traditional way to place your bets.

Traditional betting would take place before a match or a game starts while in-game betting starts when the match begins. This is the form of sports betting that allows you to place wagers as a game or match progresses.

The type of odds that you can wager on will depend on what the bookie will offer. For football, it could be about whether a certain team will score a goal before a break or if someone will be carded within a certain period. What’s great about this, according to live bettors, is that they get to make a more informed bet since they are already witnessing how the game is progressing before they place their next bet.

With that, a live bettor must be quick to decide on their bets. Typically, a bookie would only offer a live betting odd for a minute or even just a few seconds. Decision-making and even your navigation should be quick. This is why betting apps are best suitable for this way of betting.

Usually, if a bookie offers live betting odds, they also have live streaming available to their fans. It’s still possible that you can do this while in a betting shop but the establishment should have betting terminals that you can use. Still, it’s best that you stay at home and just look for a bookie offering the best live betting odds.

Why Are People Engaging in This Form of Betting?

More and more punters are engaging in this form of betting because of the thrill that they experience when betting live. This is also a great opportunity for punters who missed placing their bets before a match or a game has started.

What’s great about in-game betting is that the data is provided or updated in real-time. This means that the odds that these bookies offer are more likely to be fair. Know that sportsbooks would always place advantage to traditional odds to make sure that they will still gain something even for losing bets.

However, they need time to figure out how much advantage they can place for them to benefit most. For in-game betting, they only have a few seconds to decide and it’s more likely that they will place a fair advantage that puts the players as the real winners.

Why It’s Getting Bigger than Ever

This form of betting is already popular in European countries and this is not surprising as many EU countries are big fans of sports and gambling. This form of betting is just a normal option for them, but this isn’t the case in countries like the US.

Live betting is still in its infancy in the US but many bookies are hopeful that this will be as big as how it is in Europe. The senior vice president at the American Gaming Association, Sara Slane, said that eventually, 70 percent of sports betting will be coming from live bettors. She believes that this is the future of the betting industry.

Stephen Master, the former head of Nielsen Sports Group and a gambling consultant seems to believe the same thing. He believes that the growth of live betting in the US will be from casual fans. He also believes that the more people in the US will use betting apps, the more they will be interested in live betting.

However, there are countries like Australia that have already banned live betting. Some studies linked live betting to gambling addiction, but there are still not enough of them to prove this point. What is more likely is\ that live betting will be more embraced in the coming years because mobile betting is already getting bigger than ever.

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