Swoo brings ‘Swoo Candy Krack’ for Candy Crush lovers

Swoo has recently launched ‘Swoo Candy Krack’, the world’s biggest live match 3-type candy-themed game. Being the first and the only application to launch the live candy-matching format in India, the game saw thousands of gaming lovers playing in real time within a week of its launch.

The game comes third in Swoo’s venture of live gaming and has been rolled out after the raging success of its previous game ‘Swoo Bingo’. With a motive to let people ‘come and have fun’, the Bingo show by Swoo is being played by whopping 100K users simultaneously, therefore becoming India’s number 1 live Bingo game. Being an app that encourages users to play by rewarding winners, Swoo has been enjoying high retention rates with all its launches.

‘Swoo Candy Krack’ is a live show adaptation of the very popular internet game ‘Candy Crush’. Players play the match-3 type candy switching and matching game. An assortment of gems and candies are shown to the players and they need to quickly match and ‘krack’ them to win points. A game that requires both skills and speed, Candy Krack comprises of several levels and milestones. Winners who cross specific milestones share in the cash prize for the same, which gets encashed into their PayTm wallets.

Within a short time of launching, Candy Krack now has a player-base of 60K daily, and the count is rapidly increasing. Around one-fourth of the people playing live each day win cash prizes from the pot money, which ranges from INR 25,000 to 1 lakh per game on a daily basis. Getting to make money while playing a live version of a loved game has led to Candy Krack being extremely engaging, with players spending an average of 18 minutes playing the game every day.

Acknowledging the rapid success of the new game, Divyesh MahajanCEOSwoo said, “It feels amazing to see our Indian audience welcoming all our games so enthusiastically. People in this country are always on the lookout for a way to have fun and to break the monotony. Keeping their sentiment in mind, we planned to launch Candy Krack, providing people with something to do in their leisure time. Swoo has always aimed to make entertainment available to everyone, and with this initiative we intend to reach out to people from Tier-II cities as well.”

With a motive to entertain people of all age groups by making live gaming accessible to them, Swoo’s initiative in the segment of live gaming has been seeing amazing retention rates. Candy Krack is estimated to become the most digitally played live game in the country. Equipped with a great production quality, high-quality graphics and very charismatic hosts shot out of their partner TwoFour54’s studio in Abu Dhabi, Swoo envisions that its new game will continue receiving such an overwhelming response from their Indian user-base.

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