Timex Watches to now come with Hologram and QR Codes providing better product assurance

Taking ahead the legacy of maintaining valuable consumer relationship and providing the best of quality products, Timex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers has recently introduced Hologram and QR codes on  Timex watches. This step has been well thought of and taken in order to avoid any further counterfeit and sales of fake watches in the market. In addition, this will further enable the consumers to get all the details associated to the product authentication simply by scanning the QR code.

While counterfeit of watches is increasing in the market, consumers are majorly concerned about the authenticity of the products they buy. By launching the QR code feature on their watches, Timex is enabling consumers to have a better experience of the brand. . Timex India has always been strictly against the sale of counterfeit products and have taken stringent actions after seizing a huge quantity of fake watches during several raids conducted regularly.

Commenting on the steps taken by Timex, Manoj Joshi, Head Sales, Timex said, “Innovation and bringing best in class products to our customers is pivotal to us. We strongly believe in consumer satisfaction and to this end, we have introduced Hologram and QR Codes in all our upcoming units. This will help curb counterfeiting of our products and build transparency between our brand and the consumers.”

By introducing the QR code in the Timex watches, now the consumers who purchase Timex watches will be able to get complete details about the brand such as the company name, company’s contact details and can review the watch they purchased, post about their favourite Timex watches on their social media channels etc, giving a complete product assurance to the consumers. In addition, with features such as authentication, peerless warranty management and real time customer feedback the Timex App, once registered on, will provide a holistic experience to consumers.

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