Top Tips for Selling Your Car Online

Every year, millions of car owners look to sell their current vehicles. This can be for a variety of reasons. It may be because the owner has landed a promotion at work, now has access to a company vehicle, and no longer needs their own car. In other circumstances, a car may be sold to contribute towards the purchase of a larger vehicle, perhaps when planning to start a family and needing extra space and seating options. Another common circumstance is simply to sell your current vehicle as you are looking to upgrade to a newer model with the latest features and benefit from the joy that comes from owning a brand-new car. Whatever your circumstances, you will most likely seek to sell your existing car online when making way for a new vehicle. In this article, some top tips will be discussed that will help you sell your car quickly and without hassle. 

Compare the best-selling sites

Firstly, you will want to decide which online car buying/selling site is right for you and your vehicle. A popular choice is Autotrader, as this site has hundreds of thousands of used vehicles listed on the site and operates in several countries. With such a volume of vehicles for sale, there is a captive audience of visitors to the site. It is estimated that the site has 69.6 million monthly visitors across all its platforms, making it an ideal place to sell. Other options include eBay. This site has a dedicated section for vehicles, which is further divided into specific sub-categories, such as sports cars and collectors’ vehicles. If you have a prestige or high-value sports car, you may wish to list it on more specialist sites such as the Dupont Registry. In short, consider the make and model of your vehicle and its approximate value. Make a shortlist of sites, balancing the number of visitors that each site receives along with the fees that are charged for listing your vehicle. 

When selling to a distant buyer

It is also incredibly important to think ahead when selling your vehicle. In an online marketplace, you may find that buyers are prepared to purchase your vehicle or make an offer but live at some distance from your address. They may even live in a different state or region. In such circumstances, it is important to be proactive and investigate car shipping options before you sell. For example, shipping firms such as Shiply will be able to offer you a competitive quote for the shipping of your car to its buyer. You simply need to list the make and model of the vehicle along with its pickup and drop-off destinations and wait for a range of shipping agents to come back with quotes for the transportation. The cost of shipping can be factored into the final selling price, should the buyer live at a distance. 

The importance of high-quality photos

Finally, never underestimate the importance of taking high-quality photos when selling your car online. This will be the first thing that potential buyers see when scrolling through vehicles on a website. Good-quality images can often make the difference between someone skipping past your car or taking a more in-depth look and reading the description. Ensure that the surrounding environment is well illuminated, ideally in natural daylight. Take multiple shots from all angles of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Be sure to highlight any scratches or bumps on the vehicle. This ensures that any potential buyers can see the defects and are not tempted to try to back out of the purchase after a sale has been agreed because they are not aware of these issues.

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