What Could PUBG Dropping Tencent Mean for Online Casinos in India?

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After India banned 117 apps, including popular battle royale game PUBG, published by Tencent, the game has announced that they will be changing publisher. As the app was banned due to links to Tencent, the decision to take publishing back in-house to PUBG means that it could potentially be removed from the banned list in India. But what exactly does PUBG moving Indian publication in-house show about mobile entertainment in India, specifically for the growing online casino sector?

Online Casino Popularity in India

The online casino industry in India is thriving and is doing so due to the enhancements of people being able to play on mobile devices as easily as desktop ones. Indeed, mobile entertainment is important and looks to be constantly growing. A forecast anticipated that by 2020 there would be approximately 628 million mobile gamers in India, with a market value expecting to reach $405 million by 2022. Losing a significant portion of this, as PUBG would if it remained with Tencent, isn’t an option, which explains why they moved in-house.

As we can see from the vast range of games at https://games.paddypower.com/, many of which can be accessed through mobile devices, all forms of entertainment are finding audiences on mobile. The reassurance that the mobile features will allow players access to the traditionally desktop games shows just how much of a mobile market there is and how important it is for potential players. Many sites even offer apps as well as adequately customized mobile versions of desktop titles. PUBG putting so much stock in their Indian players helps legitimize the online casino industry, who are already thriving in the mobile market.

Showing the commitment to the growing market of those engaging with mobile by moving PUBG in-house is promising for the standing of the online casino industry in India. Part of the reason for the popularity of the online casino industry in India is due to the accessibility for players. Many engage on mobile devices, which are low-cost. The dual function of the smartphone means that many people would already have them, so a game download wouldn’t be such a big commitment compared to buying hardware for other forms of entertainment, such as console gaming.

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Mobile Use Thriving Across Entertainment

The rise of Netflix in India – and other streaming services – has also helped grow the mobile audience. As we can now do almost everything on mobile devices, they are becoming the preferential medium. April 2020 saw a surge of Netflix users in India as they enjoyed local and global content, according to  https://www.financialexpress.com/. The launch of the mobile-only plan (a first for Netflix) helped bring in more punters and helped to cement Netflix’s viewer base in India. As everything begins to move online, sectors that thrive there, such as online casinos, are able to cement their position even further.

According to https://www.pubg.com/, the company wants to continue to offer its battle royale gameplay to as wide a market as possible – which includes those in India. By moving the game in-house and away from Tencent so readily, it shows just how important to the business the Indian market is – which can be explained by the surging popularity of mobile entertainment in India.

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