Why app culture is a perfect fit for online casino gaming

Far removed from the days following the internet’s first introduction into the average household, today’s web user accesses their favourite websites and services from a range of devices and through a range of connections.

Wired dial-up connections are a thing of the past. They were replaced by broadband ethernet connections after the turn of the century before the arrival of wi-fi boxes made connecting to the internet simpler than ever before.

But the traditional website has found even itself under threat during the last 15 years with the introduction of apps. Apps – short for applications – are pieces of software developed to deliver a game, service or brand experience within a dedicated package.

In this article, we will discuss how the rise of the app has helped underpin the growth of online casino gaming.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is a huge marketplace for the online casino sector, which has evolved to offer far more than just simple reproductions of games like blackjack, poker and roulette. Indeed, many of the world’s biggest TV shows now have casino games of their own, and you can even play the Deal Or No Deal casino game online using both a web app and a mobile app.

It means that game shows like Deal Or No Deal, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Wheel Of Fortune can be enjoyed by fans of the franchise from the palm of their hand, wherever they are in the world – as long as they’re in range of a data or wi-fi connection.

While physical casinos and desktop platforms continue to thrive, it is mobile gaming that has played the biggest role in the online casino sector’s recent success, helping it to engage with new audiences.

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Launch of iPhone

By the time 2007 arrived, mobile game developers were starting to find their feet, but the launch of the iPhone in June represented a huge step-change for the world of online casino gaming and the concept of the app.

Google quickly responded to the growing trend with the purchase and development of the Android operating system, and the launch of dozens of handsets in partnership with leading manufacturers like Sony and Motorola.

The two rivals each launched their own App stores and threw open the doors to private developers, who flooded the marketplace with free and paid apps. Among those developers were many of the world’s leading casino developers, who were quick to capitalise on this new opportunity.

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Apps v websites

Whilst the majority of modern websites are optimised for mobile viewing, they can’t offer the same brand experience that an app can. Casino gamers can access their favourite platform in the Apple or Android app store and have the companion app loaded into their phone within minutes.

Unlike websites, apps have a real permanence on a user’s handset, with push notifications and automatic updates helping to enhance the experience even further. And with the majority of apps lightweight enough to run on any modern smartphone, it’s no surprise that casino developers have been quick to flood the marketplace.

The growth of the mobile internet has naturally been a key catalyst behind the growth of the app marketplace. It’s fascinating to reflect on how quickly the casino sector has seized the opportunities presented by advancing technology and changing habits.

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