Watch the dynamic inventors take the panellists by storm in the upcoming episode of The Inventor Challenge on Colors Infinity

The first season of Colors Infinity’s The Inventor Challenge has become the talk of the town ever since its launch. Apart from surprising the four panellists, the inventors have also intrigued viewers with their brilliant ideas. With the 5th episode around the corner, the viewers and panellists are going to be thrilled to see what’s coming their way.

Participants Vijay Varada, Ishu Bindal, Gelli Tharuni and Rajesh, and Mandala Vedanthi Giri are bringing in their unique inventions – Braille Keyboard, Plant-based Egg, Smart Payment Slip, and Micro Media Studio respectively. With an aim to help everyone in the simplest ways, these inventions will be presented to the panelists under the theme Helping People II.

Hailing from up North to down South, these inventors have also brought in the flavor of their respective cities during their pitches. Sources close to the show mentioned that the panellists were highly impressed by Inventor Mandala Vedanthi Giri’s look. Seeing him in a traditional lungi/veshti excited the panellists as he took the floor to pitch his idea of a Micro Media Studio. A little birdie also told us that Vijay Varada from Bengaluru intrigued the panellists with his invention of a Braille Keyboard.

Tune in to The Inventor Challenge and find out who wins the hearts of the panellists this Saturday at 8 pm, on Colors Infinity and The Inventor Challenge Youtube channel.

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