CamScanner encourages Businesses to ‘Go Paperless’

In light of World Environment Day and contingency measures taken by governments to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, CamScanner, a leading mobile scanning app encourages businesses and individuals to go paperless. The app allows users to scan, store and send important documents such as ID cards, invoices, signed contracts, home-work assignment with the comfort of scanning from their smartphone.

Many businesses are shifting to electronic operations in order to ‘Go Green’ and also in an attempt to adapt to the changing workplace caused by nationwide stay-at-home orders. CamScanner helps its users to avoid physical contact and encourage paperless working in offices. Be it a Posters, contracts, slides, essays, magazines, one can save, edit, and send anything with the CamScanner hence accelerating the adaption of paperless activity.

Amid the pandemic, these businesses have also realized the benefits of electronic operations such as quicker access to documents, increase organization, make documents secure with the ability to encrypt, save space, save time, save money, and enable sharing of documents companywide and globally.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Miller, Marketing Director, CamScanner said, ” To raise awareness on protecting the environmentto contend the ongoing crisis, businesses are going paperless. Transitioning to a paperless office will take time and planning. However, with our boutique of innovative features, we help make this process easier and adaptable.” and also  of pandemic. In India, we have helped more than 100 million users with a diverse user base such as teachers, students, white-collar workers, lawyers, doctors, and nurses to go paperless. We wish to continue with our effort to make the transition smoother and easier for businesses and individuals at large.”

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