Cybage Software announces 2020 appraisals for its employees

“When your employees stay loyal and committed to your organization’s growth during times of success, it is your duty to stand by them when the picture is not as rosy”, Arun Nathani, MD & CEO Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd says. Cybage Software is a global IT organization headquartered out of Pune, India. To put its philosophy into words and in a bid to uphold Cybage’s work culture and ethics, the organization has decided to roll out annual appraisals and promotions for 2020, that will be effective from October 1st. Unlike some in the Indian IT sector, the topic of job losses, retraction of offers and salary cuts was not open for discussion in Cybage’s boardroom, despite the prevalent global economic situation. Arun adds, “Over our 25 years of being in the business, we have remained an employee-centric organization and the appraisals are in line with that legacy. Our strength is our employees and we can only hope that this announcement will strengthen their trust in the organization and reinforce their belief that we are in this together, as a family of Cybagians.”

Employees at all levels are eligible for the salary hike and other increments, including those on internal projects and support departments, who seamlessly facilitated a transition to work from home for thousands and continue to power Cybage’s robust infrastructure and ecosystem. The trendsetting announcement comes after Cybage paid annual bonuses to all employees in April 2020, keeping in line with the company’s regular policy. Apart from the financial benefits, the organization has invested heavily in employee welfare programs that focus on both physical and mental health of all during these tumultuous times. From offering counselling sessions to remote consultation for health-related issues, Cybage is going the extra mile to ensure its’ adherence to their motto, “Bringing Life to Work”.

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