Grassroots Channels Launches a multicity, daylong event “Surveillance Unmasked” focused on Video Surveillance Ecosystem

Grassroots Channels announce the launch of “Surveillance  Unmasked” program with unique initiative of upskilling CCTV installers and bringing video  Surveillance Ecosystem under one roof.

The program is supported and sponsored by world’s Leading Hard disk Manufacturer and  other leading brands of Video Surveillance Ecosystems. The program is also endorsed by  Industry association Like MAIT, ELCINA.

“Video Surveillance is need of the hour. This segment is rapidly growing, and there is need to continuous update latest technologies and products to our field technician, partner and  customer alike. With this vision, we are bringing complete ecosystem under one roof and  plan to spread this program across India.” Said, Sharad Srivastava, Chief Strategy Officer,  Grassroots Channels and Founder & CEO of ReStor Lab.

This Multi-City program is a day-long event where in daytime, Grassroots Channels is  organizing a Certificate Refresher Course for CCTV installers (Field Technicians) which is  accredited and evaluated by ESSCI (Electronics Sector Skills Council of India) covering all the  major sub-assemblies of the Surveillance Infrastructure.

The evening program is the Ecosystem Partners informal meeting where various prominent  sub-assembly brands meet the Key System Integrator, and key decision makers &  Consultants from Government, PSU and corporates.

“We started our program with our first event in Dec 2021 in Gurgaon. It was a successful  event however due to covid-19 third wave; we have to take a gap of few months. Our next  event is planned for New Delhi on May 27, 2022. “Said, Sandeep Ramani, CEO, Grassroots  Channels, “As businesses are returning to normal, we hope to cover more than 50 cities of  India in next 12-18 months with this program.”

“A good initiative through Surveillance Unmasked to refresh and train field technical on  latest product and technologies. This will help us to fulfil our Skill India objectives also “said, Dr. Abhilasha Gaur, COO, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI)

“Bridging manufacturers with customers will help them understand the customer  requirements and identify skills to develop for design of critical security & surveillance  installations and services. Surveillance Unmasked is a good initiative program launched by  Grassroots, MAIT wishes them a great success.” Said George Paul, CEO, MAIT

“Bringing together video surveillance ecosystem players and giving opportunity for  interaction with each other will help industry to deploy latest products and technologies  faster “Said Rajoo Goel, Secretary General, Electronic Industries Association of India  (ELCINA)

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