partners Big Basket to optimise its image delivery for an improved customer experience

ImageKit, a global image Content Delivery Network (CDN) for real-time image optimization, resizing, and image upload has partnered with India’s largest online food and grocery store BigBasket to help them optimise their image delivery. The strategic association has helped BigBasket reduce its image delivery cost by 20% and augment the customer experience.

With over 1,000 brands selling over 50,000 products in its catalogue and operations in all leading cities in India, BigBasket has revolutionized its customers’ grocery shopping experience. However, to further improve its overall online shopping experience, the platform has integrated ImageKit’s image management and delivery solution that has helped the company achieve its optimization goals and has also paved the way for further improvements to its image management and editing workflows in the future.

With ImageKit’s automatic conversion to WebP format and image compression, BigBasket managed to reduce the overall page weight by 25% without making any changes to its existing CDN, internal image workflows or the image URLs in its apps and websites. With the help of ImageKit, the online grocery store was able to deliver optimised WebP images on supported devices while maintaining the same visual quality

Commenting on its association with BigBasket, Rahul Nanwani, CEO & Co-Founder of ImageKit said, “Even though Big Basket was already leveraging a CDN for its image optimization, they were unable to access the best image optimization capabilities. Our unique image optimization systems integrated well with their existing CDN without changing any URL or any part of their core infrastructure. Moreover, considering our pricing structure is based entirely on the bandwidth output, which essentially decreases after optimization, we also enabled BigBasket to cut down on their overall image delivery costs by over 20%.”

“Customer experience is of paramount importance at BigBasket and our intention was to solve image optimization and delivery as a part of our experience optimization exercise for our apps and website. ImageKit came in just at the right time to solve our key concerns like excellent performance and optimization, the right visual quality, an almost zero-effort integration, and great pricing. While at present, what we have achieved with them is a tiny subset of what the product offers. We are planning to automate large parts of our image editing and management process in the future with ImageKit. We eventually also want to do away with our manual editing and in-house resizing before storing the images on our cloud storage, which will further reduce our efforts, and improve the final quality of images shown to our users,” Rupesh Kumar, Director of Engineering at BigBasket.

ImageKit can work with any part of an infrastructure. On the storage side, brands can either store their images in ImageKit’s media library or attach their existing storage like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or a server to ImageKit for delivering their optimized versions. On the delivery side, ImageKit comes integrated with AWS CloudFront CDN or can be integrated with an existing CDN like Akamai, Limelight, Fastly, Google CDN, and more.

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