Jagriti launches Digital Yatra with 5000+ entrepreneurs and 5 Lakh learners for aiding economic revival

With the mission of ‘Building India through Enterprise’, Jagriti Sewa Santhan, a nationally renowned charitable organization, has launched its 13th flagship Digital Yatra recently. The latest edition of Jagriti Digital Yatra 2020 is aimed at furthering ‘Udyamita’ or ‘Enterprise’ with participation from 5,000 enterprises (Digital Yatris) to help revive the economy amid COVID-19 pandemic. It will also invite lakhs of digital learners (Pratibhagis) to observe and learn from the journey through mobile devices. The journey of national exploration will be held over a period of 15 days from 24th December and ends on 8th January, 2020 with a motto ‘this journey ends with a new beginning’. The theme for this year is #ProtestPositively – a new way to protest by building something that can impact lives and communities in India’s small towns and districts.

Shashank Mani, Founder of Jagriti Yatra and JECP, said “We have always believed Enterprise-led development is the answer to India’s economic growth. Jagriti Digital Yatra is an important effort for unleashing this potential by forging enterprise networks and institutions in Middle India for battling the adverse impact of the current pandemic. Through our planned outreach, we will engage with over 20-30 million Indians and 5000 enterprises and 5 Lakh learners to get exposure to role models, peers and enterprise models for knowledge sharing.”

Speaking on the impact of the yatra in her professional life, Pooja Shahi, an entrepreneur in Deoria, who is a Yatri said, “The Jagriti Yatra and the Jagriti Enterprise Center – Purvanchal (JECP) have provided me support throughout the process of building my company. The help has been in mentorship, market connect and getting access to funds. In addition, the network of peers that I interacted with, continue to inspire and guide me. I urge all women-entrepreneurs to be a part of this platform which has the potential to shape them as changemakers and impact leaders.”

At the core of Jagriti Digital Yatra is the belief that entrepreneurial energy in ‘Middle India’ has to be mobilized for revival and growth. Properly supported, leaders in the middle can create local enterprise and local employment helping revive the country as a national movement planned from 2nd October to 26th January.

The Yatra will host panel discussions on 6 key issues relevant for smaller towns and districts – Health, Women empowerments, Digital, Rurbanization, Agriculture, Apparel and Handicrafts, subjects that are the focus of the Jagriti Enterprise Center – Purvanchal (JECP). It includes engagement with 200+ speakers including the likes of Dr. Kiran Bedi, Dr. RA Mashelkar, and R. Gopalakrishnan and 90+ hours of content.

Participants can apply as Digital Yatris (on www.jagritiyatra.com) with intense digital interaction with other Digital Yatris in cohorts and groups, with 3 hour per day minimum participation for 14 days. The second category Pratibhagis (on https://pratibhagi.jagritiyatra.com/), can apply to watch and learn with no minimum participation requirement.

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