Logitech Driving Down Carbon Emissions, One Product at a Time

Back in June of 2020, Logitech announced an industry-first carbon transparency effort to include detailed carbon impact transparency labeling on all product packaging across our entire portfolio. Like nutrition labels on food packaging, Logitech believes that consumers should be empowered and informed about the impact of their purchasing decisions.

Logitech reported that the Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse is the first Logitech product to feature this new carbon impact label and is now available in stores. Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse is one of six gaming products with carbon impact labels rolling out in this quarter, features a number at the top of the label that indicates the product’s full lifecycle carbon footprint in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg CO2e) taking a typical two-year use period, 7.84 kg CO2e being the measurement for the Logitech PRO Wireless gaming mouse, which is approximately equivalent to a gallon of gas.

The six other products include: G213 Gaming Keyboard (22.0 kg CO2e), G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse (8.64 kg CO2e), G502 HERO Gaming Mouse (7.10 kg CO2e), G102 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Mouse (5.51 kg CO2e), G304 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse (8.76 kg CO2e) and G502 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse (8.69 kg CO2e).

Prakash Arunkundrum, Head of Global Operations & Sustainability Logitech, said, “We want to use this as a way to hold ourselves accountable and ensure our design and engineering teams are working to improve these numbers and lower our carbon footprint with every new product.”

“We believe that life is more fun when you play, said Ujesh Desai, GM of Logitech G. That said we’re working hard to ensure when you play with our devices that they leave no impact on the world and that we’re all gaming for good.”

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