A new brand of health and wellness products launched by MAISON D’​ AURAINE

MAISON D’​ AURAINE, a conglomerate with a bouquet of the most revolutionary, innovative, premium and luxury brands in the hair, beauty & personal care under its umbrella launches the new brand Live.able. The new line is a curated line of Avant-grade progressive solutions that aims to improve the 360-degree environment for human race.

The global pandemic has led to a change in the attitudes of consumers around the world. There is a steady growth in the launches of products with ‘clean’ claims and there is also high usage of hygiene products among the older age groups. In such an environment the consumer today is likely to reconsider stepping out, travelling, staying at the hotels and protective hygiene has become a must have rather than beauty essentials. Live.able comes with a mission to transform the current and future generations keeping hygiene, sanitation and health at the very forefront. With a philosophy of “Lets Live, Love, laugh”, the brand aspires to inspire millions of men and women globally to live full, live well and LIVE. ABLE”. From making homes, and surroundings germ free to boosting immune system and body’s defence mechanisms, fight off illness to promoting wellbeing of all age groups to products that will improve confidence and shape personality, Live.able is here for the overall wellbeing of their end users.

Leveraging the spirit of innovation, Mr. Arpit Jain, the Founder and Manging Director at MAISON D’​ AURAINE said, “The world is changing more rapidly than ever, and consumer preferences will continue to shape with the time to come. With the launch of Live.able we aim to provide products and solutions that aid good health, hygiene, wellness, and fast innovation. Our products are futuristic and use modern principles along with being made from ethically sourced ingredients that truly empower people to live happy and stay healthy.”

Under the brand umbrella of Live.able, Virusbloc is a line of products that Kills 99.99% of Virus & Bacteria around us keeping us and surroundings clean, safe and hygienic. Virusbloc kills the bacteria in simple, efficient and environment friendly ways. Virusbloc makes disinfection extremely potent and practical and keep our environment safe. Efficacy of all the products are backed laboratory reports and testing is done in a lab which has global footprint and is very well recognized.

Virusbloc presents a multi-dimensional line of products that varies from self-use germ protection-based Sanitizers and body care to powerful Korean UV-C led tools to disinfect your environment.

As lockdown is easing up and everyone is out and about, there could be a rise in transmission of COVID-19 through different surfaces. Everyone would want to disinfect their new purchases as they bring home groceries/ White Goods/ Jewelry or other items. To solve this concern, Maison D’ Auraine has introduced Live.able VIRUSBLOC range of UVC WAND and UVCBOX. Once an object is Exposed to VIRUSBLOC WAND or VIRUSBLOCBOX, the device will kill all types of viruses/pathogens from all sides, ensuring each side and surface gets the UVC radiation. Retail Malls/ Hotels/ Hospitals may be asking their customers to sanitize their hands while entering premises their clothes and accessories don’t get sanitized. With our VIRUSBLOC WAND you can make them Virus Free up to 99.99%.

VirusBloc Box and VirusBloc Wand:

  • 2 extremely effective and transformative Clinically proven devices that kill and destroy DNA of all virus & bacteria including H1NI Influenza, Hepatitis, Rabies, HIV, Bacteria, pathogens in just under one and half minute.
  • They are powered by new generation Korean UVC based LED beads that produces 270-280 NM of UVC radiation sterilizing and disinfecting and becomes your first line of defence against microbes and virus.
  • Targets: Avid travellers, Corporate workers, Fitness/Gym members, Make up & Salon professionals, Retail, Co-working spaces & Home consumers

Virusbloc Protection Spray (Sanitizer Spray):

  • A360 Degree Protection Spray that goes with you wherever you go. A versatile Spray that can be used on hands and body, on hard & soft surfaces and even on air around you.
  • It has clinically proven anti-viral & anti-bacterial action and kills Virus & Bacteria within 30 seconds of its contact.
  • Made of our patented “Botanica GPE” (70% Organic Extracts), in combination with scientifically proven ethically sourced ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Methanol Free alcohol, Lactic Acid, Vanilla beans
  • This spray also has a strong moisturising soft effect on your skin. It’s a must have Dailyon-the-go companion.
  • Ethically made with green science and has proven virus killing action.

Virusbloc Protection Wipes: 

  • Unlike Standard wipes with only cosmetic effects, these carefully crafted Anti-Microbial, biodegradable wet wipes are made of 100% viscous fabric and have immediate germ-killing action.
  • They can be used on body or surfaces &contain same patented formula as VirusBloc Spray with70% organic extracts and hence can be used even by kids. Smells like Vanilla with strong notes of Bergamot. Ethically made with green science and has proven virus killing action.

Virusbloc Handwash, Body Wash:

  • Clinically Proven Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial Effect.
  • 70%OrganicExtracts. Vegan, CrueltyFree, Parabens Free, Sulphate Free, No Synthetic Dyes, No petroleum. Green science, high efficacy.
  • An unparalleled experience that keeps you safe and germ free and pampers your skin with perfect dose of hydration and velvet like softness. 

Zero Sweat Cream:

  • A vegan solution that solves sweat problems in hands and feet for hours. It creates a barrier to the sweat glands preventing sweat from appearing on the surface.
  • A non-greasy formula, that doesn’t stain or dry your skin and doesn’t feel sticky all day long. Dermatologically tested, totally safe and you can use it as many times as you want.
  • Targets sport’s athletes, fitness enthusiasts, drivers, gamers, corporate workers

Heal – A line of Revolutionary Dietary Supplements-

  • Heal is a line of naturally active, effective and scientifically proven health supplements.
  • Using proven blends of Enzymes, Probiotics and other Nutraceuticals our aim is to enhance the wellness and quality of life through science centred solutions that are Soy Free, Gluten Free, Preservative  Free, no additives, no flavourings,  and sweeteners. Organic & vegan where possible.
  • Always cruelty-free, Environmentally friendly & ethically sourced.
  • Green Science, high efficacy for a healthy living 

Therapeutic & Clean Water-

  • Our Elixirs-Gemstones Water Bottles make Crystal-infused water working with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones. When pure water is infused with crystal vibrations, it is then charged with the healing properties of the stone and can be used to promote healing and wellness.
  • Everyday drinking water is transformed to levels compared to pure spring water as gemstones restores its crystalline structure and enhance the quality of water we drink.

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