Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. Srinivas Rao – CEO & Co-Founder of Aujas Networks

The Union Budget would certainly boost the Indian economy as all the key sectors have been considered and provided for therein. Lowering tax on MSMEs is a welcome step that would provide a much-needed fillip by creation of jobs and more revenues for the country. The Government’s bold move on the digital India program by seeding in more investments and implementing various digital projects like Artificial intelligence, digitization of rural areas and education sector will enable a true connected India. As our economy is becoming digital day by day, there is a need to consider cybersecurity as a top concern. Though the proposed Budget has not specifically addressed imminent challenges affecting privacy and data security concerning to enterprises and citizens today but the push for exploring blockchain technology will enable a strong security framework. In future,  we hope the government will look at strengthening data protection law and implementing a strong national cybersecurity policy to toughen cybersecurity in the country.

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